Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I feel that I managed to have quite a busy, successful long weekend. I've got Sauerkraut fermenting away in a jar. I've blocked my finished Cardigan. I've made some paperclay and started making 3 new birds with it. I've done loads of washing and I've started a new Cardigan. Whoo Hoo.

So Sauerkraut. I've often thought about making it, as I love the stuff, it's especially good on sandwiches, but for some reason it's always sounded so complicated to make and so easy to go wrong. This has now all changed for me though. On Sunday I was trawling through the blogs I read on Google Reader.

You should so get one of these if you read a lot of blogs. It holds all your blogs that you read in one place. It's obvious when you sign in which blogs have new posts on them and you can share interesting blog posts with your friends.

Anyway I found one from one of my fellow potters (ha, ha I'm calling myself a Potter now, not sure I'm quite ready to claim that title yet), where she's making a Sauerkraut Crock for her Hubbie's birthday.
This post
At the bottom it has her hubbie's favourite Sauerkraut making Youtube video. It's a fantastic video, well worth watching. Espeacially as it's the life I would like to live, but don't have the courage, money or greenfingers to do it.

After watching I thought hey that doesn't actually sound too hard. I then must of read something about making it in a jar and then I found this video.

Within 10 minutes I was down in the kitchen throwing together some Sauerkraut, using that red cabbage I had sitting, for a while, in the fridge.
In my Sauerkraut I used: Red Cabbage; Onion; garlic; Juniper berries; Caraway seeds; Brine. I'm excited. :o)

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