Saturday, April 9, 2011

Yellow Era

OMG what can the matter be
2 blogs in so few days ain't a tragedy......

So I have more photos to show you. I have my burnished Bird, my finished Nimbus and some glazed pots!!!!

OK Mr Angry bird first.He's had his first lot of burnishing done. I may do it a bit more with the help of some olive oil. Everyone seems to like him so I'm going to make more to fire in the Barbie and some to glaze, all different sizes and shapes.

I finished by Nimbus....Finally. I've had it sitting waiting on maybe 1/2 hour of knitting to get it finished for the past month. Well I finally sat down and finished the knitting and then sewed it up. It needs some blocking to help the arms lie flat and to lengthen it a bit. Overall and pretty pleased with it.

When last term of pottery class finished, we left a glaze firing on. Our tutor Anne has started keeping a facebook page for the classes, so I've managed to get some pics of my completed items before heading back to class on the 20th.
I went through a bit of a yellow phase.
1. To try it out.
2. Because it took about 45 minutes to get the blinking thing mixed up.

I'm pretty excited about how everything turned out. Quite often I find that glazing can be the worst part of the pottery process. Not that I can't glaze, but more often as not the glazing doesn't live up to the picture in my head. This time I'm really happy, match and in some cases surpass my head pic.
This is what I ended up with: First thrown goblet; Sunshine bowl; Under the sea lidded Jar; Wee tester pot for my Art Nouveau teapot.

This has blue scragffito on the outside. I love how the flower has turned out and how the blue and yellow work together. Yeah it's chunky, but it was a first attempt at a goblet....probably only big enough for a sherry :o)

I love this bowl. Need to get a side on pic too. The outside is a deep dark black/purple. The bottom is red glass. I love how it looks a bit like the centre of the sun.

The lid needs about a 1/2 turn to the left I think, the wavy seaweed matches up from base to lid. It meant to represent seaweed waving around under the sea. The inside should be....yellow :o)(Told you yellow was everywhere).

Hmm still not too sure I've managed to capture the right glaze for my teapot. There's another arum lily on the other side it might be better. The little tester pot came out really cute though and guess what....yep it's yellow on the inside too :o)

My best mate and I have just bought (I hope) a load of clay and she's collecting it on the way back from her hols (I hope), so by Wednesday I should have plenty to play with...Fingers crossed.
Here's to more birdies :o)

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