Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I went Camping!!! In April!!!! Had a fantastic weekend up in Fortrose. It was very relaxing (read 2.5 books), spent a couple of evenings watching the dolphins off Chanery points (walking distance from Camp site), had a lovely drive up the coast through Golspie, Dornoch up to the Helmsdale area, had lunch in the grounds of Dunrobin Castle and found a couple of cool charity shops.

Dolphin Watching - so very cool.

My Sauerkraut is ready and almost half eaten already. Absolutely yummy and very, very easy to make. Going to be starting a new jar any day now.

Pottery classes have begun again. :o) I'm working on some wine tumblers for my house, a present for my Mother's birthday, plus getting some of my birds glazed and finishing off various projects from last term. No pics at the moment, but I did glaze my Skulls Salt pig the other week. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

P. bought a new kiln, it was a bargain and much closer to being ready for installation than the last one she had. So we're building and throwing as much as we can with the red earthenware clay. Kiln will take a fare bit to fill, so we need some full shelves.
Recently I've made more bowls (various sizes), tumbler, bottle, pears (using double pinch pots, they're going to be a reed incense jar and a sugar bowl), lidded pig jar, Rabbit Statuette etc etc. Can't begin to tell you how much I love working with clay. Here's a few pics of some of my red clay items. They're all Greenware, which means they haven't been fired yet.

I have a new aspiration, or maybe it's not new, maybe I have been heading this way for a while and all it took to come to the forefront of my mind was a little visual stimulation.
I wish I could share my visual stimulation with you. I found it here. Basically this is a link to a book called The Potter's Studio Handbook: A Start-to-finish Guide to Hand-Built and Wheel-Thrown Ceramics by Kristin Muller. In the first few pages it has a picture of her kitchen cupboard full of handmade tumblers, mugs, bowls, side plates and dinner plates. The Eureka moment happened and I thought...That's exactly what I want. I want to be using my pottery for my kitchen, eating out of, drinking out of, mixing in and baking in my own handmade pottery. So watch this space. So far I have a plate and a mug in general everyday use.

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Carol said...

Gosh you were lucky with the weather. Love the mushroom dish.