Saturday, July 16, 2011


Broke my promise to myself to blog more often. It's my new phones fault. I've got an android phone which I just love. It has a blogger ap, which I used to write a sad blog. It then failed completely and won't allow me to open, upload or copy that blog post. I'm a bit upset about it and it stopped me from blogging trying to fix the blinking think.
Well it's been a month and it's still stuck in limbo, so I better get back to it.
I'll eventually write about the unhappy events of June, but not yet.
Anyway having a slight hiatus from pottery as P is on holiday and the kiln is loaded awaiting an extractor fan being installed. Which should happen by the end of this month.

I have been inspired to do some crochet though. A hexagon blanket to use up loads of yarn From Annie's Attic I have one hexagon already made. More to follow.


richy said...

see, that's why YOU should have taken the pic
i shake too bad..

Linda Starr said...

How many more do you have to make? It takes patience to crochet that's for sure.

Roobeedoo said...

I keep thinking I want to crochet a blanket and then the thought of the hundreds of shapes to join together tires me out!

Love the idea of crochet-hook print knickers by the way! ;)

Cazz said...

I'm joining as I go along, so it doesn't seem such a chore.
Well I'm thinking that I might need 115 hexagons maybe 138 and at the moment I have crocheted together 23. Not bad for 5 days. Off I have holidays coming up so I should get quite a few done.