Sunday, September 18, 2011

Car Boot

Got up at 6am to go and set up a stall at the local car boot. It was dark, but dry when we left. By the time we arrived it was lighter, but much wetter. We carried on regardless and ended up the clearing about £50 after expenses and still came home with a full car. So I think we'll be doing another clear out and heading back around the start of October. Fingers crossed that it doesn't rain this time.

Haven't been doing much pottery lately, as P has a new placement and is busy. I did hand build a jug for my mum, but no pictures. I did get a new camera, but I keep on forgetting to use it.
So here are some pics from our first and possibly last earthenware firing. The glaze was bubbly, P didn't like the colour and we didn't really enjoy throwing with it. I did like a couple of my finished pieces though.

These are two hand build pears using double pinch pots. The larger is a sugar bowl, but could be used for mustard or jam. The smaller one is for one of those reed air fresheners.

A hand built Owl Vase. It's a little squint due to being hand built, but I do like it. He's about 8/9 inches high.

Anyway that's my weekend nearly over again. So I'm away to work on my knitted slippers, as it's getting colder up here already.
I'm doing these Bunny Hop slippers using some of my unspun hand dyed shetland fleece.

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Linda Starr said...

Cold already, we've had a bit of cooling to which is nice, that owl is so sweet and the pears are great, something about a pear shape that is so pleasing.