Saturday, September 10, 2011

Matchless pots

I have a folksy shop :o)

Matchless Pots

It's only got a few items on it at the moment, but more will be appearing.
There are reasons behind only a few:
1. My camera broke :o( ,so I've had to get a new one. Another reason why I've been absent for a while. I really like to add pictures to my blog posts and that's darn hard when you can't take any pictures.

2. I'm not confident about how sell worthy any of my pottery is, so I've only posted up the stuff that I'm really happy with.

3. I have loads of stuff that I seem to have made for myself and I'm unwilling to part with. This though is a good thing I hope. It may mean that other people will like my stuff, or it may mean that I have no taste at all.

Anyway here is a peak at some of my Angry chickens available on my folksy store.

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