Monday, November 21, 2011

November Pots

Oh my goodness it's going to be December before we know it. So far this month it's been getting my head round doing some Christmas shopping, which has actually been fairly successful. Think I have, just about, got everyone sorted :o)

We did another glaze firing and I do believe that P. and I are growing as potters. There are still little disasters such as finding out that the yellow underglaze we use has a tendency to bubble if it's been applied at Bisque stage. We're going to have to test it when applied at Green stage. Too little Yellow iron Oxide in the slip will just burn away and leave you with Beige. I'll show you my very, very beige baking dish.:o(

Well apart from the obvious beige issues, I'm really quite happy with the dish. It's a good size and seems sturdy. Did you see the hint of Cuckcoo rays over the base?

We're getting better in general at the glazing, didn't have any really thick bits of transparent. Things are coming out lighter, thinner and a better size. I made a teapot that will take a whole mug of tea and pours well. P. made one that do two cups of tea or a large mug and pours well too.
I finally managed to get Mum a set of goblets that work and look similar enough to be a set.

See video:

October Holidays

We had a jaunt to Uist for our October Hols. We had a great time, was really relaxing. We visited all the sites, ate some absolutely scrummy seafood and did loads of relaxing. Hoping to go again next year.
Here's the photo. Unfortunately I forgot my camera and these were all done with my phone.