Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas -22

Yeah, my favourite time of the year is almost here. I've done all my Christmas shopping and now I'm working on making some Christmas hats.
This is the first one:

P. has been busy and did another Bisque firing and for a change we've got some photos of the pre-glazed items.

I'm really excited about the frog jar. Here's hoping the yellow iron oxide comes out a nice maroon brown. Also the elephant bowl is looking really good. The inside should end up being the same colour as my mug in last blog.

The olive oil bottle is covered in a mix of oxides in slip that will hopefully end up being black - fingers crossed.
The goblet is inspired by Wassily Kandinsky Squares with Concentric Circles. Here's more of his work (my inspiration is towards the end).Love his stuff

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Linda Starr said...

Oh that hat looks so warm and I can't wait to see how your work turns out, it all looks so wonderful in it's glazed state.