Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I love making jars. Takes a few different techniques. Throwing base, throwing or building lid, sometimes making a gallery and all the fitting it together.

Here are my some of my jars from oldest to newest.

Undersea jar - mean to be waves of seaweed.

Ginko Frog jar - love the shape and design on this one. Need to use this frog again.

Dragonfly jar - decoration could be better, but do love shape. This one has a gallery and the lid is hand built

The best for last - this guy is possibly one of the most perfect things I've made. great shape, tight fitting lid and I just adore the design.

The only problem with my jars is that they are all a little small and I have yet to figure out what to put in them.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Finally started doing some more pottery.
Here is a teapot that has been a long time in finishing. It started in pottery class with a bowl shaped mould. I made two and joined them together.

I love it, but it has a huge mistake which once made I couldn't repair.....The opening is a bit small.

Apparently it pours well (tested with Water). It's rustic looking and round I love the shape. Going to make some tea in it this week and also measure how big it is.

Have been doing some throwing and I'm glad to say we haven't forgotten everything. My DD has even been having a go and she loves it.

More from the firing soon.

Monday, September 24, 2012


A day of beer, music and bratwursts. We attended this at the Black Isle Brewery on the 8th September.
We arrived on the Friday afternoon, sunny but windy. Put up our new tent. Instructions were terrible, so we relied on the picture on the front of the bag.

Here's some pics

Friday, August 31, 2012

The dreaded lurgie

I have been terribly absent recently, I have a fab excuse my DD gave me her horrendous cough. It was really nasty and lingered on for ages. Even better it appeared right at the start of my 3 week summer holiday. It sucked the big one totally. Now I'm back to work and it feels like I was never away.

I have though decided to put it behind me and spend loads of dosh and have some fun in September.

I bought a 32" tv for my bedroom, so me and the DD can snuggle and watch some movies on a bigger screen than the laptop. An absolute bargain from Markies.

My OH also persuaded me into getting one of these

I'm pretty sure he wanted it for himself, but hey ho I decided that it just had to be mine. I'm going to test it out as being useful as a work tool that has some fun personal uses.
So far I'm really loving it. I'll give it a few days and then tell you how I'm getting on and maybe review some of my favorite apps.

Took these pics with the PlayBook and then used an app called scrapbook to play with them. Pretty cool? I crocheted the cover too.

I'll tell you about the planned activities next time.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hyundai i30

My lease car arrived!!!! it is so damned nice. Sleek, sporty, sound good, drives well and bluetooth pairing is so cool.

My baby for the next 3 years :o)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Brendan Fehr Crush

I am so in the mist of it. :o)
Just about finished the 3rd and final series of Roswell. I could have been finished ages ago, but I've been holding off....I just don't want it to end again!! You know what, I still haven't watched the last couple of episodes of Veronica Mars as I knew that her and Logan didn't get back together before the end and that just makes me sad. I'm shut a girl at times.....where is that eye rolling smiley when you need it
So to help me through this difficult time I've found Electric Candy Michael and Maria fan fiction and I'm working my way through some Brendan Fehr movies: Biker Boyz (not good, but he looks cute): Cutting Edge - Fire and Ice ( he's kinda play boy hot in it): I've also got The Forsaken and The Wrong side of the Tracks to watch too.

Now I'm not into celebrities and I don't normally tend to go for any type of celebrity crush...maybe I'm feeling my age or maybe I'm in a rut. You know what, I'm really not going to question it. I'm just going to enjoy the moment.

Take a look at his cuteness.....

AND just so as you know I'm not completely obsessed, Mum and I had a glorious Mackerel meal from the Moro cookbook and indulged in a little "10 things I hate about you" followed by "A Knights Tale" it was all about our gorgeous departed Heath....

Sunday, July 1, 2012


As I blogged before one of Mum's birthday pressies was a Cook book recommended by Roobeedoo
It arrived the other day and last night we had our usual Saturday Night in, which gave us our opportunity to test out the Moro Cookbook.
We had Fatayer as starter - which is a triangular filled pastry. The filling was butternut squash, feta, pinenut and oregano. It was delicious, only thing I would change is I would add a little more feta next time.
This was followed with Paella de rape con azafran (Monkfish Rice with Saffron) - absolutely yummy. It had a fare bit of sliced chili, so lips were tingling. mmmm!!

Then we curled up and watched a couple of movies. Source code and Woman in Black. Source code was fun and involved little thought. Woman in Black was wonderfully creepy and hide behind pillow scary, I am so glad I wasn't on my own.

Great evening :o)

Saturday, June 30, 2012

So Long Primary School

Summer Holidays have officially started. DD will go to the Academy in August. She's a bundle of excitement and trepidation. I think she'll love it.

Last Day outfit

Finger's crossed for some nice warm summer weather.

Two Years

Yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of my Dad's passing. I found this picture a while back and decided it was cute enough to try get online. Me and my daddy in the 70s.

I think about my Dad every day, nothing specific, just little thoughts and memories of him. Then there are the days that you just wish he could have seen, like when my DS passed his driving test.

Miss you Dad. xxx

Friday, June 29, 2012

Playing with Picasa and Paint

I have a few pictures to show you. Someone mentioned adding writing to photos, I have dome this before and I do have a writing tablet, but it's a bit old and in desperate need of batteries. still wanted to have a go though. I adjust the photos in Picasa, adding a poloroid look for most of them and a 60s look for one of them.
I then opened them in paint and added writing with a handwriting font.

Some cute cat pics :o) Love the look pf the first one I have pictures from the 70's that have a similar look.

These are my DDs shoes, she's a big vintage Micky fan and she hates pink...so to make these trainers a bit more wearable to her I broke out the sharpie....

Dinner tonight, was pretty damn tasty too.

That was fun, but I think I need to work on sorting my drawing tablet or getting soething a bit more up to date.

Dinner outing the other night went really well and Mum's cardigan apparently fits. I'll try and get an action shot sometime soon.
BTW so glad that I took Tuesday afternoon off, it's been wet and foggy ever since.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Birthday's Agogo

Been really busy finishing Mum's birthday present, buying my OH's birthday presents, cooking birthday dinner, reading my Bookshelf Bingo books, feeding Herman and working ....
Anyway I actually managed to get Mum's cardi finished in time. I like it, but I'm concerned it might be too small :o( Anyway she'll get it tonight. Fingers crossed.

The finished Cardi

I only did a half day at work today. I've had some toil building up and looking at my schedule I couldn't find many gaps in the next few weeks to take the toil. Today started off Sunny and I thought, what the heck today's as good a day as any.
I put out all the washing that I did at the weekend. Whoo hoo it's be dry soon.
I split up herman and baked some rhubarb herman cake. I made some Gingerbread syrup for putting in coffee and froze my stewed rhubarb.


I've now drunk that frothy coffee, which was yummy and I had a bit of the herman cake. The cake is a bit chewy as it was cooked too long. It's still tasty though and moist.
I need write out the Herman recipe for my 3 friends and then deliver it. Going to give my mum the little jar of gingerbread syrup. Then tonight we're going out for a family meal, so mum can get her presents.

I could so work a 4 day week :o)

Thursday, June 21, 2012


My tendonitis in my shoulder is flaring up again. I'm not happy. I hope it's not crocheting that's making it worse, as that would really suck.
Anyway it's been too sore to crochet, so I've been indulging. Does anyone remember Roswell, teen drama about a trio of aliens living in Roswell...Anyway I used to love the show, the relationship between Maria and Michael was my favourite.

Here's a little reminder

I'm working my way through the episodes again and thoroughly enjoying it.

Going to make a GP appointment tomorrow, as I think I might need some Physio on this shoulder.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Visually I loved it. Big space ships, dark and dreary settings. I was glued to the screen all the way through.
But like a few have commented, it could have been fantastic,but somehow it just missed the mark. I didn't really take to any of the characters, I like to care whether they live or die. Very few questions were answered. Nothing was nail biting. It was a little bit meh....
I did love Logan topless, Fassbender's Lawrence of Arabia and the links between this movie and the previous Alien movie.

I'm glad I saw it, but unlike Avengers Assembled I wouldn't have walked back in to see it again.

School went well again today and I think she's going to be disaapointed to go back to primary for the last few weeks.

OK last thing who the 'ell knew that Tom Hardy had a doppelganger Check this post out. Honestly I thought it was Tom Hardy all the way through the movie!!! OOps.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Transition to High School

This is a significant year for my DD. High school starts in August :o)
Today was the first of 3 visits to high school before the end of primary. These visits involve catching the school bus, finding out who is in your class, testing out the canteen system, finding your way around the High School and meeting guidance teachers and subject teachers.

Bus stop

Apparently it all went well, she's made some new friends and so far she's not in any classes with kids from her previous school. Fingers crossed that she's going to shine in High school and have a great time. She's a lovely child and I don't want it spoilt by High school.

Mum's cardigan is making progress.

Still don't think I'll have it finished for the weekend and I'm worried about it being on the small side. We'll have to wait and see.

Planning on seeing "Promethius" tomorrow is I can contact my DS.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Zig Zag

So with realising that it's my mum's birthday real soon, I picked up a Zig Zag cardigan that I started ages ago for her. As I mentioned in my last post I had to rip it right back :o( It's now almost the same size as it started.

It's looking pretty good, but I'm not sure I'll make my deadline.....especially when I have this to contend with!!

This is Polish or Polly and she's seems very content to lie on Mummy all evening. :o)

Ah well I have had to displace her. She's now purring beside me so I can get on with some crochet before sleep time.
Just got to pick something to watch and that's me good to go.

Daddy's Boy

Well I think I found the culprit to my unexplained dizziness. My mate came home from Download with a sore throat which developed into the dizziness. Thank goodness, it just appears to be a bug. Feeling much better now, after a day of rest on Friday.

Let me introduce you to Daddy's Boy, or Sad Sack or most commonly known as Pudding.

He's most definitely my OH's cat :o) he'll suffer cuddles from the rest of us, but does his Chewbacca impression on the stairs to get his Daddy's attention.

I just figured out that it is my OH's birthday soon and my Mum's!!! I'm so not organised for that. I have though picked up a WIP that I started ages ago for my mum, but I had to rip it back, as it is full of mistakes. No idea where my brain was the first time I started this project. Better get back to the crochet...I have a deadline :o)

Thursday, June 14, 2012


My head is spinning.....
What a weird evening. When I got home after work, I got out of the car and walked round to get my bags and felt odd. A kind of light headed, falling sensation. I then proceeded to feel dizzy and.. well you know that feeling when you're drunk and you close your eyes and the world starts to spin. That back in the day was sleep or puke time. Anyway the world wasn't spinning, but it felt like it was about too.
I spent the next hour or so lying in bed with closed eyes and electric blanket on. My OH fed me cake, tea and dinner and now I feel fine. I didn't feel sick, I wasn't starving and I didn't feel tired. Also I'm not prone to fainting.... See Weird.

Anyways glad that's over. I had a good couple of days, working hard getting out and about, collecting some fab free-cycle stuff and a few charity shop bargains.
I have a big bag of rhubarb to cook from a free-cycle lady and we have a (new to us) slightly bigger fish tank that needs tlc with silicone, again from free-cycle.
I nipped into a charity shop today at lunch and managed to find a pair of red jeans for my DD. She had mentioned wanting a pair and I managed to snag a pair that fit (she's really skinny) for the grand sum of £2.50 :o)

Here we are walking the hound in the woods. She's got her new jeans on :o)

Well I must go and feed Herman. Night night.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lease Car

Whoo Hoo the boss has signed the papers for me to get a lease car. I do loads of miles with my job and we have been getting loads of added restrictions to cut costs. I don't have an issue with this, but it's made my life a little more difficult as getting hire cars and pool cars all revolves around Aberdeen, which is often in entirely the wrong direction for me, when I'm needed said hire or pool car.
So just need to wait for the offers, select car and then wait for delivery. I've put in for a Hyundai i30, a Seat Leon and a Honda civic.
Took my DS test driving. This was ou boot testing :o)

This was my favourite: Hyundai i30

Cute, but not as cute my boy :o)

Monday, June 11, 2012

I have a Herman

A work colleague today appeared with several take-away tubs filled with Goop and some instruction.

Apparently it's a German Friendship Cake. You feed it and stir for 10 days, split it into 5 portions. Pass 4 potions onto friends (hence Friendship) and bake the 5th.

I've been googling it and found this fab blog about it. I'm happy to try the original recipe, although my DD isn't keen on sultanas. I think I'll make make a carrot or cherry version for her.

I'm looking forward to the final cake.:o)

Quite fancy having a go at Sourdough bread too.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lazy Weekend

It all started with the scrumptious meal I made on Friday night and deteriorated from there.
Friday night "reduced" Rump steak (could never afford it at full price) with grilled onions and mustard Mash. Washed down with some yummy Blaxland red wine. I then made the fatal mistake of starting to read Urban Shaman and that was it.

Saturday I read the next book in the series and made fantastic Cajun baked Catfish with Salad, then watched Driver with Ryan Gosling. Actually I watched it with my OH, Ryan was the star.

Sunday I finished the 3rd book in the series and we had an early dinner of baked potato with left over steak pan fried with onions and served with homemade coleslaw.

My Weekends are not normally this lazy see:

Sometimes I garden :O)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Kelly Joe Phelps

One of my Ultimate chill out albums is Shine Eyed Mister Zen by Kelly Joe Phelps. I was introduced to it by my OH about 8 years ago. I was having a stressful time and had to take some time off work.
I packed up the kids and headed up to my father-in-laws Manse on the West Coast. We spent two weeks chilling out with the family. Baked scones, ate good food, drank white wine and played on the beach, whilst listening to this fantastic album.

Do you remember the Scene in The Big Easy when Dennis Quaid takes Ellen Barkin to his Mum's to celebrate with Cajun music. There's something about this album that reminds me of that film.

Anyway have a listen to one of my favourite songs on the album

I'd recommend listening to the whole album.

Ipods and Docks

My OH has been a real sweetie to me recently. He's been swapping, auctioning and selling stuff and has spent some of his money on me :o)

My first present was a 2G ipod touch. Now I've had loads of MP3 players over the years, But.... and I really hate to say this, Apple just do music players so well. It works seamlessly.
You can set up play lists easily, you can play albums or just randomly play all your music. It has an alarm clock app, you can browse the internet with it, play angry birds and download kindle books onto it.
I love my Ipod, it's second hand and only 8 GB, but it's fits me so well, I play music in the car easily when radio 2 is boring me. I have play lists for work, play lists for doing the washing and play lists for lying in bed at night and chilling. I may even get round to some keep fit play lists ;o)

This morning I got woken up with this huge box. Inside was a sleek black wedge of ipod dockness. It's now got pride of place beside my bed, with my ipod slotted in and playing Kings of Leon for me at the moment. It'll play the radio, has a clock on it and will charge my ipod. My OH got it on ebay for a measely £20, bargain!!! I may never get out of bed again. Especially when he supplies me with tea and toast too. :o)

This is Cold Desert one of my all time favourite Kings of Leon Songs

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Coffee Smoothie

As soon as the weather starts to warm up I get in the mood for smoothies. My OH bought me a smoothie maker a couple of years ago, during the winter it sits looking forlorn and during the summer is gets used and abused.
I like milky smoothies with banana bases, although when it's warm a smoothie made from fruit juice can be really quenching.
My DD is partial to a milky sweet coffee, so I came with this recipe:

First I made some strong black coffee and sweetened it with honey. I allowed it to cool, put it into ice cube trays and froze it.

Coffee Smoothie

1 chopped banana
2 frozen coffee cubes (3 if you want it stronger)
a generous Mug of Almond milk or cows milk if you prefer.

Put all ingredients into a smoothie maker and blend until smooth.
Pour into glass and top with some grated chocolate or sprinkle on cocoa powder.


With this base you can do loads

* Leave out 1/2 the banana and replace with a scoop of vanilla Ice cream (or swedish glace for dairy free)
* Add some cocoa powder for a Mocha Smoothie
* Add a spoon of Peanut Butter for a Chunky Monkey Coffee Smoothie.

I've been buying bananas whenever I see them cheap and freezing them, so I have plenty to keep me going.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Did anyone catch the fab second series of Sherlock? It was great.
If you remember the scene of when he's was trying to avoid the press and walked outside with a dear stalker hat on...Well I put to use my very under used drawing talents and drew this portrait

I'm rather proud of it.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dairy Free

We've got a Lactose intolerant sufferer in our household and it's not one of the cats. We discovered this a couple of years ago after many years suffering from awful indigestion. This caused a major change in our eating habits. Much of the change was easy as the sufferer doesn't eat cereal or take milk in hot beverages. The big issue was cheese. Not so much cheese to munch on, but cheese sauce for macaroni and PIZZA!!!!

Some of the products that have made our lives easier:

Asda Organic soya milk - best taste and price. Makes nice white sauce and great for tea and cereal.

Alpro Almond or Hazelnut milk - fantastic in cereal and smoothies

Tesco Free From Range Mild Soya Cheese - nice cheesey flavour, melts well.

Lidl J.D.Gross Dark chocolate and Ruffle bars - for that sweet chocolatey fix.

Vitalite Marg - for all my baking and buttered Toast needs

So I was saying, PIZZA was a major issue when we first went Lactofree. I eventually discovered the soya cheese and I found this awesome base recipe.
Now Pizza is back on the menu and it is 20 times better than any of those nasty frozen ones we used to buy.

Here's an example, I added an extra couple of ounces of flour and a little water to the pizza base ( I always add garlic and oregano) and managed to stretch to two pizzas.

Served with Homemade Coleslaw

I have a pinterest board for recipes I want to try. Here Most I can manage to make dairy free. Check out the Queso Chicken pasta recipe - if you've only got a lactose issues then you could used the Lacotofree products, but the cheese is a bit too mild so I would still use the soya cheese.

Happy Cooking