Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fishes and Pledges

My friend got herself a huge tropical fish tank and it's perked up interest my fish again. I planning some new fish and I purchased a two blower air pump, so I could get bubbles through my Greek monument again. See:

It's all looking good again. I still need to move it, as it's in an awkward place for cleaning, but overall I'm pretty happy with it.

I haven't been doing much crafting, I have tendonitis in my shoulder and I'm often quite achey when I get home, so very little crafting mojo.
Although we went to see Avengers Assemble the other week. It was great and I was inspired...Check out my Avengers T-shirt I made. It used to be a plain grey T.

Anyway to the Pledge. I've decided that June will be blog Month and I promise to blog every day. I haven't been good at it recently, but that's all to do with aching shoulder and no crafting mojo, as I really hate blogging with no pictures.

Therefore expect a plethora of useless insite into my life during June. :o)