Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Birthday's Agogo

Been really busy finishing Mum's birthday present, buying my OH's birthday presents, cooking birthday dinner, reading my Bookshelf Bingo books, feeding Herman and working ....
Anyway I actually managed to get Mum's cardi finished in time. I like it, but I'm concerned it might be too small :o( Anyway she'll get it tonight. Fingers crossed.

The finished Cardi

I only did a half day at work today. I've had some toil building up and looking at my schedule I couldn't find many gaps in the next few weeks to take the toil. Today started off Sunny and I thought, what the heck today's as good a day as any.
I put out all the washing that I did at the weekend. Whoo hoo it's be dry soon.
I split up herman and baked some rhubarb herman cake. I made some Gingerbread syrup for putting in coffee and froze my stewed rhubarb.


I've now drunk that frothy coffee, which was yummy and I had a bit of the herman cake. The cake is a bit chewy as it was cooked too long. It's still tasty though and moist.
I need write out the Herman recipe for my 3 friends and then deliver it. Going to give my mum the little jar of gingerbread syrup. Then tonight we're going out for a family meal, so mum can get her presents.

I could so work a 4 day week :o)

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