Sunday, June 17, 2012

Daddy's Boy

Well I think I found the culprit to my unexplained dizziness. My mate came home from Download with a sore throat which developed into the dizziness. Thank goodness, it just appears to be a bug. Feeling much better now, after a day of rest on Friday.

Let me introduce you to Daddy's Boy, or Sad Sack or most commonly known as Pudding.

He's most definitely my OH's cat :o) he'll suffer cuddles from the rest of us, but does his Chewbacca impression on the stairs to get his Daddy's attention.

I just figured out that it is my OH's birthday soon and my Mum's!!! I'm so not organised for that. I have though picked up a WIP that I started ages ago for my mum, but I had to rip it back, as it is full of mistakes. No idea where my brain was the first time I started this project. Better get back to the crochet...I have a deadline :o)

1 comment:

richy said...

he's just a big soft ANGEL !