Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dairy Free

We've got a Lactose intolerant sufferer in our household and it's not one of the cats. We discovered this a couple of years ago after many years suffering from awful indigestion. This caused a major change in our eating habits. Much of the change was easy as the sufferer doesn't eat cereal or take milk in hot beverages. The big issue was cheese. Not so much cheese to munch on, but cheese sauce for macaroni and PIZZA!!!!

Some of the products that have made our lives easier:

Asda Organic soya milk - best taste and price. Makes nice white sauce and great for tea and cereal.

Alpro Almond or Hazelnut milk - fantastic in cereal and smoothies

Tesco Free From Range Mild Soya Cheese - nice cheesey flavour, melts well.

Lidl J.D.Gross Dark chocolate and Ruffle bars - for that sweet chocolatey fix.

Vitalite Marg - for all my baking and buttered Toast needs

So I was saying, PIZZA was a major issue when we first went Lactofree. I eventually discovered the soya cheese and I found this awesome base recipe.
Now Pizza is back on the menu and it is 20 times better than any of those nasty frozen ones we used to buy.

Here's an example, I added an extra couple of ounces of flour and a little water to the pizza base ( I always add garlic and oregano) and managed to stretch to two pizzas.

Served with Homemade Coleslaw

I have a pinterest board for recipes I want to try. Here Most I can manage to make dairy free. Check out the Queso Chicken pasta recipe - if you've only got a lactose issues then you could used the Lacotofree products, but the cheese is a bit too mild so I would still use the soya cheese.

Happy Cooking


Roobeedoo said...

We make our pizzas without cheese for this very reason and I don't miss it anymore!

Linda Starr said...

I have to be gluten free now and it has put a cog in my wheel which I am slowly getting worked out.

Cazz said...

Gluten free is possibly more tough than lactofree. We did go with gluten free for my DS for a while, but he's also vegetarian. Now that was a trial and a half.

I'd be happy with a cheese free pizza, not surecthe OH would cope though :o)

richy said...

'cheese free pizza' ??!!?!?!
what are you mad ? that's like saying 'meat free steak dinner'