Thursday, June 14, 2012


My head is spinning.....
What a weird evening. When I got home after work, I got out of the car and walked round to get my bags and felt odd. A kind of light headed, falling sensation. I then proceeded to feel dizzy and.. well you know that feeling when you're drunk and you close your eyes and the world starts to spin. That back in the day was sleep or puke time. Anyway the world wasn't spinning, but it felt like it was about too.
I spent the next hour or so lying in bed with closed eyes and electric blanket on. My OH fed me cake, tea and dinner and now I feel fine. I didn't feel sick, I wasn't starving and I didn't feel tired. Also I'm not prone to fainting.... See Weird.

Anyways glad that's over. I had a good couple of days, working hard getting out and about, collecting some fab free-cycle stuff and a few charity shop bargains.
I have a big bag of rhubarb to cook from a free-cycle lady and we have a (new to us) slightly bigger fish tank that needs tlc with silicone, again from free-cycle.
I nipped into a charity shop today at lunch and managed to find a pair of red jeans for my DD. She had mentioned wanting a pair and I managed to snag a pair that fit (she's really skinny) for the grand sum of £2.50 :o)

Here we are walking the hound in the woods. She's got her new jeans on :o)

Well I must go and feed Herman. Night night.

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