Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ipods and Docks

My OH has been a real sweetie to me recently. He's been swapping, auctioning and selling stuff and has spent some of his money on me :o)

My first present was a 2G ipod touch. Now I've had loads of MP3 players over the years, But.... and I really hate to say this, Apple just do music players so well. It works seamlessly.
You can set up play lists easily, you can play albums or just randomly play all your music. It has an alarm clock app, you can browse the internet with it, play angry birds and download kindle books onto it.
I love my Ipod, it's second hand and only 8 GB, but it's fits me so well, I play music in the car easily when radio 2 is boring me. I have play lists for work, play lists for doing the washing and play lists for lying in bed at night and chilling. I may even get round to some keep fit play lists ;o)

This morning I got woken up with this huge box. Inside was a sleek black wedge of ipod dockness. It's now got pride of place beside my bed, with my ipod slotted in and playing Kings of Leon for me at the moment. It'll play the radio, has a clock on it and will charge my ipod. My OH got it on ebay for a measely £20, bargain!!! I may never get out of bed again. Especially when he supplies me with tea and toast too. :o)

This is Cold Desert one of my all time favourite Kings of Leon Songs

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