Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lazy Weekend

It all started with the scrumptious meal I made on Friday night and deteriorated from there.
Friday night "reduced" Rump steak (could never afford it at full price) with grilled onions and mustard Mash. Washed down with some yummy Blaxland red wine. I then made the fatal mistake of starting to read Urban Shaman and that was it.

Saturday I read the next book in the series and made fantastic Cajun baked Catfish with Salad, then watched Driver with Ryan Gosling. Actually I watched it with my OH, Ryan was the star.

Sunday I finished the 3rd book in the series and we had an early dinner of baked potato with left over steak pan fried with onions and served with homemade coleslaw.

My Weekends are not normally this lazy see:

Sometimes I garden :O)

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