Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Fish

I missed the deadline again. When I came to bed to fill in my blog I didn't notice the time and so this entry is dated 3rd June, but it was written at 1am.
So today kinda went according to plan, apart from the snooze in the early evening. Me and the lasses went charity shopping in he morning. I got a couple of skirts, a couple of books and a casserole dish. I also managed to get my OH a book and a Hong Kong Phooey T-shirt :o).
We did a big Lidls shop and managed to spend £88, but that came down to £78 as I remember to take token and hand it over too. DD now has enough white chocolate with strawberry to last her a month, but probably knowing her only a week or so. It will be rationed.
Once shopping and enough time to eat a yummy exotic fruit icecream in the car had passed, we headed to the pet shop. I was delighted to find that they had some Black Widow Tetras in stock, so we got 4 and also bought a small pleco, a Bronze Cory and a Peppered Cory.

Some fish pics:

Cleaned Tank today before adding new fish, but Nitrates are still a bit high so will clean again during the week.

The rest of the day just flew by, made lunch, cleaned fish tank, added books to the Kindle bargain we got, snoozed. Finished off by watching The Voice final, I was surprised by the result, but hey the girl can definitely sing. Then all of a sudden it was bed time.

I did a little thinking and research about yoga. I'm thinking about starting it, but I really think I need to attend a class or it will end up as one of those things I intend to do, but never manage to make time for. Like Zumba on the Xbox Kinect

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