Friday, June 29, 2012

Playing with Picasa and Paint

I have a few pictures to show you. Someone mentioned adding writing to photos, I have dome this before and I do have a writing tablet, but it's a bit old and in desperate need of batteries. still wanted to have a go though. I adjust the photos in Picasa, adding a poloroid look for most of them and a 60s look for one of them.
I then opened them in paint and added writing with a handwriting font.

Some cute cat pics :o) Love the look pf the first one I have pictures from the 70's that have a similar look.

These are my DDs shoes, she's a big vintage Micky fan and she hates to make these trainers a bit more wearable to her I broke out the sharpie....

Dinner tonight, was pretty damn tasty too.

That was fun, but I think I need to work on sorting my drawing tablet or getting soething a bit more up to date.

Dinner outing the other night went really well and Mum's cardigan apparently fits. I'll try and get an action shot sometime soon.
BTW so glad that I took Tuesday afternoon off, it's been wet and foggy ever since.

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