Saturday, June 2, 2012

Well that was a bust

for goodness sake I already failed. I missed my blog on the 1st of June!!! Only by 1.23 hours, but still.....

Anyway it's the weekend again and I have plans:
Saturday it's charity shopping with the girls, popping into Lidl to buy some goodies and spend that token I got in the paper today, followed by a visit to pet shop to maybe buy some new fish, but it depends on what they have in stock.
Sunday is wash day and housework. Will work on my list tomorrow, but it will definitely contain tidy sitting room.

My DD daughter appears to have disappeared and I now have a giant Pikachu instead.

Ain't she cute? This was bought from ebay with her birthday money and she's absolutely delighted with it. She now wants a unicorn one too. Just in time for all that nice summer weather we're meant to have :o)

Anyway night night and wish me good hunting in the Charity shops tomorrow.

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