Friday, August 31, 2012

The dreaded lurgie

I have been terribly absent recently, I have a fab excuse my DD gave me her horrendous cough. It was really nasty and lingered on for ages. Even better it appeared right at the start of my 3 week summer holiday. It sucked the big one totally. Now I'm back to work and it feels like I was never away.

I have though decided to put it behind me and spend loads of dosh and have some fun in September.

I bought a 32" tv for my bedroom, so me and the DD can snuggle and watch some movies on a bigger screen than the laptop. An absolute bargain from Markies.

My OH also persuaded me into getting one of these

I'm pretty sure he wanted it for himself, but hey ho I decided that it just had to be mine. I'm going to test it out as being useful as a work tool that has some fun personal uses.
So far I'm really loving it. I'll give it a few days and then tell you how I'm getting on and maybe review some of my favorite apps.

Took these pics with the PlayBook and then used an app called scrapbook to play with them. Pretty cool? I crocheted the cover too.

I'll tell you about the planned activities next time.