Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I love making jars. Takes a few different techniques. Throwing base, throwing or building lid, sometimes making a gallery and all the fitting it together.

Here are my some of my jars from oldest to newest.

Undersea jar - mean to be waves of seaweed.

Ginko Frog jar - love the shape and design on this one. Need to use this frog again.

Dragonfly jar - decoration could be better, but do love shape. This one has a gallery and the lid is hand built

The best for last - this guy is possibly one of the most perfect things I've made. great shape, tight fitting lid and I just adore the design.

The only problem with my jars is that they are all a little small and I have yet to figure out what to put in them.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Finally started doing some more pottery.
Here is a teapot that has been a long time in finishing. It started in pottery class with a bowl shaped mould. I made two and joined them together.

I love it, but it has a huge mistake which once made I couldn't repair.....The opening is a bit small.

Apparently it pours well (tested with Water). It's rustic looking and round I love the shape. Going to make some tea in it this week and also measure how big it is.

Have been doing some throwing and I'm glad to say we haven't forgotten everything. My DD has even been having a go and she loves it.

More from the firing soon.