Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Crafting Plans 2013

As I have already mentioned I plan to "Make Ahead" presents all this year and I'm beginning to make a start. Thought it was maybe about time that I started putting some ideas down in writing.

1. Animal Scarves
2. Animal Hats
3. Home Made Jams
4. Home Made Chutneys
5. Home Made Liqueurs
6. Hand Made Mugs
7. Hand Made Bottles

These are all presents for other people. I would like to make sure that friends, family and colleagues have a Zombiecazz Mug.

I've already made a start....
Kontiki Man

The pale slip will turn a denim blue when fired and I'm going to paint the features before firing.

Craft Plans for myself in 2013

1. More pasta size bowls.
2. Some plates
3. work on pottery designs
4. paint Kitchen walls and put up loads of shelves
5. Paint Bathroom and put up shelves
6. Patchwork Cushion
7. Tshirt quilt
8. Loads of de-clutter and recycling.

Anyway Back to the grind :o)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Fox Scarf

First Completed For Someone Present. You know how I mentioned that I was going to try making presents throughout the year so that there isn't a mad dash before birthdays and Christmas to get stuff finished.

Anyway project number one is complete and project two has been started.

Fox Scarves - Using this pattern

On the left we have my finished Fox and the right is my 1/3 done fox using a different combination of yarns.

This was an easy project. Skills needed knit, purl, increase stitch, decrease stitch and cast off.

I'm really pleased with them and I'm hoping to maybe try different animals. Maybe a Raccoon?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Animal Bottles

We recently purchased some new dipping glazes and I wanted to test them out in a new funky way. I really like useful items (you may have noticed) and I also love to use underglaze, but wanted useful and detailed enough to show off glaze.

I was inspired by a few of my Pinterest pins and came up with these hand built bottles. They start as double pinch pots, to which you add necks and lids.
Here's my cat and fox



I also plan to do an elephant, jackal and falcon.
They take a full evening to make one, but I love how engrossed I get. Hardly notice the time going by.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Saturday Nights

have become a girls night with my mum when she's not away with work. It's also become a night were we have some tasty fish dish. Pretty sure I will have mentioned this before.

This Saturday we had from Rick Stein's - Far Eastern Odyssey (my favourite Asian Cookbook):
Geng Par Pla (Thai fish Curry, Jungle Style) with Rice and Dry Cauliflower Curry with Mustard Seeds, Ginger and Nigella seed.

Followed by One for the money - fun little film that involved no brain at all. Then Haywire - which was pretty good with loads of fab actors. I'm undecided on it, although it did remind me a bit on Ghost writer.

Again a Great night :o)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Holiday Crochet

I had a lovely relaxing couple of weeks off. Didn't do anything too strenuous, a little housework, but no DIY. I not happy just sitting around doing nothing, so to maintain my good spirits with the feeling of being productive, I made a few wee crochet items

For Mum's tree

For my ipod

For Rhys's ipod

Snowflake Cushion Cover.

Cute huh?
The majority of patterns I use are free and I try to keep my Ravelry account up to date. I'm zombiecazz on there and you can find most of the patterns linked to my finished projects.

Anyway I'm on a bit of a roll and trying to make some presents early, so that I'm building up a supply of gifts, some person specific and some just in case type stuff. Going to be doing knitting, crochet, sewing, pottery and home-made preserves.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pie Maker

It was a few days before Christmas and all was relaxed and smelling like brandy. We'd settled down after a day of baking and crafting to watch some TV. One of those "what to buy for presents" programmes comes on. I comment about the fact that it's all a bit late as Christmas is just a few days away and low and behold an item appears that makes me drool. A Pie Maker - they review and it's a bit iffy, I immediately check out review online and I'm hooked.

Anyway Mummy dearest says if you want one I'll get you one in the sales...Result.

SO a few days after Christmas I got this wonderful Gourmet Breville Pie Maker.

Here are two little videos of the first time I used the pie maker. I'm the Chef, my 12 years old with her ipod touch Christmas present is the camera man and light relief. Her friend is giggles and the cough meister is Mummy dearest.

How to use a Pie Maker

The Results

I absolutely love it, we had chicken and broccoli pies; caramelised onion,cranberry and sausage pies; sherried chicken and veg pies; Sausage and bean pies. I would have pies most days, but I'd be bigger than the side of a HOTEL!! If I did.

My first pies used bought in puff pastry and I have since used this Hot water pastry recipe with great success.

Things I have learnt

Best to cut out pastry and then chill again before use.
Fill pastry cups
clean asap, as it all comes off fairly easily

Plans for future

Try out making cakes in pie maker
Try our quiche
Try out pies using pizza dough - less calories apparently.

If anyone has any low fat pastry recipes or ideas please tell me.


One of my fab presents from my darling son

Love him. He's ubercool.

Can't believe I didn't blog at all during December. I must have been too busy with the Christmas rush.
Now though I have loads to say :o)