Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Crafting Plans 2013

As I have already mentioned I plan to "Make Ahead" presents all this year and I'm beginning to make a start. Thought it was maybe about time that I started putting some ideas down in writing.

1. Animal Scarves
2. Animal Hats
3. Home Made Jams
4. Home Made Chutneys
5. Home Made Liqueurs
6. Hand Made Mugs
7. Hand Made Bottles

These are all presents for other people. I would like to make sure that friends, family and colleagues have a Zombiecazz Mug.

I've already made a start....
Kontiki Man

The pale slip will turn a denim blue when fired and I'm going to paint the features before firing.

Craft Plans for myself in 2013

1. More pasta size bowls.
2. Some plates
3. work on pottery designs
4. paint Kitchen walls and put up loads of shelves
5. Paint Bathroom and put up shelves
6. Patchwork Cushion
7. Tshirt quilt
8. Loads of de-clutter and recycling.

Anyway Back to the grind :o)


Samsara said...

Luuurve the mugs!!! :)

Linda Starr said...

fun mugs, perhaps you'd do a post on how you make your plate molds, I could really use one with my work but not sure how to make one.

Cazz said...

Thank you Samsara.

Going to take some pics once the first plate is off the mold Linda. Then I'll Blog it.