Sunday, January 13, 2013

Holiday Crochet

I had a lovely relaxing couple of weeks off. Didn't do anything too strenuous, a little housework, but no DIY. I not happy just sitting around doing nothing, so to maintain my good spirits with the feeling of being productive, I made a few wee crochet items

For Mum's tree

For my ipod

For Rhys's ipod

Snowflake Cushion Cover.

Cute huh?
The majority of patterns I use are free and I try to keep my Ravelry account up to date. I'm zombiecazz on there and you can find most of the patterns linked to my finished projects.

Anyway I'm on a bit of a roll and trying to make some presents early, so that I'm building up a supply of gifts, some person specific and some just in case type stuff. Going to be doing knitting, crochet, sewing, pottery and home-made preserves.

1 comment:

richy said...

where's my owl ?
also, you'll have to think of a tall thin animal to do for my Nano too :D