Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pie Maker

It was a few days before Christmas and all was relaxed and smelling like brandy. We'd settled down after a day of baking and crafting to watch some TV. One of those "what to buy for presents" programmes comes on. I comment about the fact that it's all a bit late as Christmas is just a few days away and low and behold an item appears that makes me drool. A Pie Maker - they review and it's a bit iffy, I immediately check out review online and I'm hooked.

Anyway Mummy dearest says if you want one I'll get you one in the sales...Result.

SO a few days after Christmas I got this wonderful Gourmet Breville Pie Maker.

Here are two little videos of the first time I used the pie maker. I'm the Chef, my 12 years old with her ipod touch Christmas present is the camera man and light relief. Her friend is giggles and the cough meister is Mummy dearest.

How to use a Pie Maker

The Results

I absolutely love it, we had chicken and broccoli pies; caramelised onion,cranberry and sausage pies; sherried chicken and veg pies; Sausage and bean pies. I would have pies most days, but I'd be bigger than the side of a HOTEL!! If I did.

My first pies used bought in puff pastry and I have since used this Hot water pastry recipe with great success.

Things I have learnt

Best to cut out pastry and then chill again before use.
Fill pastry cups
clean asap, as it all comes off fairly easily

Plans for future

Try out making cakes in pie maker
Try our quiche
Try out pies using pizza dough - less calories apparently.

If anyone has any low fat pastry recipes or ideas please tell me.

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