Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mum's New Mug

I've painted on Tin white before, but this time I use watered down underglaze, then wax design and washed with colour.

Here's me working on the mug.

I free handed the design painting on black outlines of flowers and then green leaves.

I then waxed the leaves and flowers and washed the whole cup in orange and highlighted bit with green

The final cup!! My mum loves it. Holds about 11 fluid ounces.
Will definitely be using this tecnique again.

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Finished Animal Bottles

I mentioned recently that we had bought some new glazes and I was making some funky animal bottles to test the glazes. Well the first ones are finally finished.

First pic are all the bottles, both mine and my studio partners.
At the back are my Cat, Fox and Elephant. At the Front PG's Cat and Kitten. Her cats are dipped in Amaryllis and Laguno Blue glazes.

A closer look at my bottles. First up my cat. Eyes, nose, whiskers and ears were underglazed and then waxed prior to dipping in the Acropolis glaze. I'm quite liking the acropolis, comes out as a multitude of colours.

Next my Fox. This guy had a little accident in the bisque firing, part of his tail exploded off, think there was maybe a small air bubble under the tail. Anyway I sanded it down and used some acropolis glaze stippled on top of the Amaryllis to detract from the missing piece. Not sure about the amaryllis is a bit too pink, when it was actually meant to be purple. It does though allow the carving to be seen easily.

Finally Mr Elephant. I think he is possibly my favourite. The marcasite glaze comes out in some gorgeous colours. Check out the close up below.

PG's kitten is glazed using the laguno Blue. I love it, but it does come out mainly black with blue highlights and too thick to show carving. I'll need to think of what animal I'd like to make to dip in this.

We have one final glaze to test out it's called Saturn and is a green shade. I've made a fish shaped salt pig which will be dipped in the green.

Going to put together a tutorial on how we make the bottles, just in case anyone is interested.

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