Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mum's New Mug

I've painted on Tin white before, but this time I use watered down underglaze, then wax design and washed with colour.

Here's me working on the mug.

I free handed the design painting on black outlines of flowers and then green leaves.

I then waxed the leaves and flowers and washed the whole cup in orange and highlighted bit with green

The final cup!! My mum loves it. Holds about 11 fluid ounces.
Will definitely be using this tecnique again.

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Foisty said...

The photo's really don't do this mug justice, the colours are fab :-)

Lorraine said...

marvellous mug..could just imagine you curled up on the sofa under a blanket with your cuppa

Helen Campbell said...

Gorgeous mug, and perfect for a nice cup of tea!

smartcat said...

Hi...I just found you via Artists In Blogland. Nice cup. What clay body do you use and what temp/cone do you fire to? I hope to see more of this!

Cazz said...

I use a basic buff stoneware and fire to cone 6.
Thank you for the lovely comments.