Saturday, March 16, 2013

Salt Pig Commission

My Mum is fed up of pouring salt into her hand and ending up with too much. So she asked if I would make her a salt pig so she could just get a pinch of salt at a time.

So i did a little trawling the internet for ideas and decided that as she's a marine biologist it would be a salt fish instead of a pig.

I started with a lrge double pinch pot, battered it into an oval shape, added fins and eyes. Then I cut out a whole for the mouth and shaped it. Finally I added some scale detail and voila salt fish was made.

Once bisqued it was dipped in our new Saturn Glaze and glaze fired.
Here's the final Salt Fish

Mum is delighted with him. :o)


Linda Starr said...

He turned out super. You know I keep this chore boy scrubber by the kitchen sink and it would fit in the fish mouth. Another use for a salt fish. Ha.

Anna said...

I like your salt fish and it sounds most appropriate for your Mum. Linda's suggestion is good too - if you made some more you would have 2 types of customer :^)

Cazz said...

Thanks Linda and Anna.I'm glad you like him.
He's doing well as a salt fish, but like the ideas about beside sink or maybe bathroom for sponges.
I'm definitely going to make more.