Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pendants - in progress

Been wanting to have a go at making pendant for a while now. We did some reading/research and decided that with a small outlay for some High Fire wire, we could probably do some pendants.

Anyway the other night we had a go and hear are my drying pendants.

I have painted some at Greenware stage and left some to paint at bisque stage and some to have a colour glaze on top.

At the moment they're in a bisque kiln, but we need to fire the pendant tree before we can fire in a glaze firing.

I'm really quite exciting about wearing some of my own designs. if you open the photo have a look at the hedgehogs and squirrels. I'm completely stoked about wearing a squirrel around my neck :o)
Fingers crossed.


Anna said...

Hi Cazz, thanks for your comment on my blog - have answered over there. I look forward to seeing how your squirrels turnout.

Sarah Milteer said...

I love pottery pendants. Have several and my favourite is a gold hare on red clay.