Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tumbling Tumblers

Just back from a lovely relaxing time in Uist and P did a firing while I was away. The results are fab. We've been having some issues with some of the underglazes ending up being rough and blistered. When I was taught pottery our teacher always instructed us to use 3 layers of underglaze, but I have watched a couple of majolica videos and they use watered down underglazes for their work. Hmm I thought. Would this sort out our issue.
So with this in mind I have been applying underglaze to greenware in a watered down version with only one or two coats. Here's the result for the first lot of tumblers

Stoneware, cone 6 underglaze at greenware stage and some carving . Inside LHS and RHS is Scarva  Helios glaze.

I'm really excited by how well these turned out. Definitely have to do some more.

Here are some cute little wine tumblers. Not sure how much they hold yet, but pretty sure there's at least enough for a glass of wine.

Thrown Stoneware wine tumblers. Covered with blue slip and then  designs carved into them.  Some have been splattered with red and yellow underglazes.
The slip on these was made using white stoneware clay and some cobalt carbonate and rutile. Really love the colour and will have to try to make some more.


richy said...

very nice :)

smartcat said...

I've found you via Mud Colony. Very nice work indeed.

Your glaze problems may be due to incompatible ingredients between glaze and underglaze. What glaze are you using? I have one commercial series from Spectrum that will often cause strange bubbles and crawls with underglazes. I've had some studio clears that do the same thing. I generally bisque and glaze at ^04.

Work Of Our Hands said...

Have had the same underglaze issues ! Grrrrr it's so frustrating. Seems to be better if I underglaze on greenware then bisque, then glaze