Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Fufu aka Fluffy Bum is our second youngest cat. She's actually a Granddaughter of our cat Fizzy.
She's about 10/12 months old and she's a mix between moody, playful and snuggly. Definitely a Mummy's girl at the moment. Her new best mate is Jazzy Jeff, the youngest member of the clan and fellow scraper.

I was sitting doing pottery round at P's one night and had in my hand a large nicely shaped mug slipped in white that was in desperate need of a cute design.
I had a gander through my pics on my BBP and saw this one of Fluffy bum not long after we brought her home.

I thought hmmm, maybe I should have a go at painting my cat. Here's the finished cup

Holds over 350mls and although not a very accurate pic of my cat I'm still quite happy for a first attempt. 
In fact I was showing a colleague and she would like one with her cat on for her birthday. Practice makes purrfect as they say.

Jazzy Jeff

was up at my mum's the other week and her landlord who lives in the big house (Mum has the large flat above their garage) had found a kitten. The boisterous little guy came bounding over to us , to get loads of petty as he was obviously delighted that someone had found him and fed him. He then followed me into Mum's and made himself well and truely at home.
Anyways we put up a note in the local shop and I put him on my facebook, but no-one has ever come forward to claim him. Plus people who live just round the corner from Mum found a kitten same age on the same day...coinsidence? I doubt it.

So Jasper aka Jazzy Jeff is now a full member of the household and comes with a squeaky little meow and a huge purr. He's Fufu's (Fluffy Bum) best mate and a truely sweet little cat.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


I recently blogged about deciding on a theme for my pottery. I had a look through my Mum's book of fish, all of which can be found around the waters of Scotland.
I found this fantastic shaped and coloured fish called a dragonet.

Common Dragonet
Spotted Dragonet

These guys or variations on them will be appearing on a teapot, mug and two bowls in the very near future. The designs are all hand drawn by me and therefore unique. Really happy with them.

I also tried a portrait of one of my cats :o0 that was a bit scary. It's turned out OK, but no pics yet. It was scary because I used underglaze and painted the portrait directly onto a greenware tankard. I suppose not a total lose if I hate it once it's bisque I could always cover it in a dark glaze. I'll get pics of my hand painted greenware for my next blog.