Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Fufu aka Fluffy Bum is our second youngest cat. She's actually a Granddaughter of our cat Fizzy.
She's about 10/12 months old and she's a mix between moody, playful and snuggly. Definitely a Mummy's girl at the moment. Her new best mate is Jazzy Jeff, the youngest member of the clan and fellow scraper.

I was sitting doing pottery round at P's one night and had in my hand a large nicely shaped mug slipped in white that was in desperate need of a cute design.
I had a gander through my pics on my BBP and saw this one of Fluffy bum not long after we brought her home.

I thought hmmm, maybe I should have a go at painting my cat. Here's the finished cup

Holds over 350mls and although not a very accurate pic of my cat I'm still quite happy for a first attempt. 
In fact I was showing a colleague and she would like one with her cat on for her birthday. Practice makes purrfect as they say.

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