Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bye Bye Jazzy

It's been a very, very difficult week. Our gorgeous Jasper was sick on Wednesday night, when I picked him up on Thursday morning I was concerned as he was off his food and a little unsteady on his legs. I immediately thought antifreeze.
He was rushed to vets, put on a drip and had his kidneys flushed, on Saturday morning his blood tests were worse.
He came home for the weekend, but after Saturday refused to eat or drink. On Monday he had another day of a drip, but still would not eat or drink.
Last night I had to make the awful decision to allow him to go. His kidneys had been poisoned by something, not antifreeze this time, but something that was bad enough.

I am really glad that we had those last couple of days together, but I'm totally gutted that he is gone from our lives so quickly. Jazzy came to us after being abandoned in late April '13. He was from the very start an affectionate cat who loved to snuggle and would go to sleep much happier if he had his paws on you or was snuggled up close.
He was such a laid back lad and wouldn't let any of our older cats bully him. Fufu and Jazzy spent hours chasing each other around the house tussling and tumbling. He had the littlest meow, but the biggest purr and even though we only had him 5 and a half months he made a huge impact.

Gone, but Never Forgotten
My Gorgeous Jazzy J

Sometimes he chose to sleep in a really funky way.


Jazzy and Fufu May 2013

Last few days with Jazzy