Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Selfie Discovery

Can't believe I almost missed this fabulous pressie. 
Whilst trying to take a selfie of my newly coloured hair

I noted a present that I missed from my previous list. Look in background.
Iron Fist Skin Crawler Tote that my wonderful OH got me. Love Iron fist stuff, but the shoes are either completely flat which I hate or Skyscraper high which I can't walk a bag is the next best thing. Love it.

Favourite Selfie of the evening...

Purple again for a while.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sewing with my new machine

Looks like I've done nothing since getting the Viking in September....not True look....

Mug Rug for Lorraine - She likes Tea and I like Vintage Embroidery Patterns.

Little Cat zipper Purse

Sunflower Art Quilt. Very happy with this.

Little Sun Coaster

Dandelion Mug Rug.

Plus I made a couple of bags and embroidered a Peacock and appliquéd it to Cushion cover. Unfortunately I sometimes forget to take photos.
Need to follow more much little free time!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Lino Cutting and Printing

Anyway I'm still a YES forever
I have not forgiven or forgotten.
It's time to get back on the blogging horse though.

I got this fantastic Lino cutting starter set from my bestie Mrs P.

This is my first design. 

This is it finally drawn onto the Lino tile.

This is the design, final print and the cut Lino.

I'm pretty pleased with this first effort.
Going to have fun with this.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Scotland Says No Thanks

I have never been so ashamed of my country. I watched in horror and sadness as the votes for each area were confirmed.
I have no idea what the final numbers were, but I do know too many of my fellow Scots have Chickened out of making our nation a free and independent one. 
I will now undertake a period of mourning for the pride of a nation. I have closed my facebook account and I'm going to dye my hair to a dark nondescript colour. I'm going back to ignoring politics and will stop watching the BBC, it's just full of lies anyway.

The Moët will go back in the box and I have absolutely nothing to celebrate.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Referendum Day

Today is a very scary day.
Today is the day that Scotland decides whether it will be an independent Scotland or a better together Scotland.
It really is nailbiting stuff.

Me and the other half went to the polling station this morning there were cameras outside that were just leaving. Fortunately we managed to miss Alex Salmond voting and greeting his fellow voters.
It was my first experience of voting, never done it before, never felt like I wanted to do before, but this was really really important so just had to go there and do it.

It was a huge YES for me, I have all my fingers and toes crossed in the hopes that it will be a huge YES for the majority of Scotland and by tomorrow morning we will be an independent country.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Bramble picking

Mum got told about. Good patch in Fraserburgh of all places.
So yesterday we headed off and sure enough got about 3 kegs of berries.

Then went and got some apples of my tree. They take forever to ripen, so they are usually best used in jams and chutneys.

With all these berries we made 12 jars of Bramble and Apple Jam, 3 jars of bramble liqueur and Mum's going to make some Bramble and apple jelly today.

Just had to make some scones too.
These are allspice flavour scones and are just lovely with the jam.

Will hopefully get some elderberries soon too.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sass's Garden Goodies

Had a lovely visit my pal Sass and her hubbie the other day. Got the tour of the new house and the wonderful garden. Plus I got some wonderful garden goodies, Gherkins, rhubarb and Cabbage.

With the gherkins I've made Bread and Butter Pickles and Cucumber Relish and with the Rhubarb, Spiced Rhubarb Chutney and Rhubarb Bakewell Tart.

I even had a go at water bathing the smallers jars.

Thank you Sass. The pickles are delicious, the tart is yummy and I'm having some of the chutney on my sandwich today for lunch.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mug Rug

On my quilting journey I decided to start small.
A mug rug seemed like a good idea and would include most aspects of an actual quilt.

Front of mug rug

All sandwhich up. Don't have wading yet so used an old kids t-shirt.

Had a play with some free motion (see previous blog) and decided that I wanted to use a template. So I drew my own design onto parchment and pinned it to the ironed quilt sandwich.

The parchment template was quite easy to follow while quilting, but was a bit of a pest to remove from the quilt. Had to get out the tweezers.

I then used this video to help me with the binding. 
The finished mug rug!

Far from perfect, but I do like it and gained loads of info doing it. I think I'll make a few more.

Meet Husqvarna Viking H/Class E20

Isn't she a beauty?

I have had my Lidl Lervia machine for quite a few years and have done many projects with it, but when I decided to do some quilting a just knew that she wouldn't cope.
So I treated myself to this little lady.

I've done some practicing look:

Once I got her set up, free motion quilting was fun.
Very happy with the new Viking in the house.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Son the Diver

My 21 year old son Rhys has recent finished his training to be a surface supply commercial diver. 
Today he was the guest diver at Macduff Aquarium. 
This is a fab north east attraction, live going there.

Here are a couple of videos of his dive.

Very proud of him.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Cross Body Purses For Zambia

Taking part in this Sew powerful project for charity.
You get this fab free pattern and you make these cross body purses for girls in Zambia.
It's great little pattern for using up remnants of fabric.

I'm having great fun making them.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Saddest of Days

This little wonderful lady has been my constant companion for the last couple of years. She slept on my bed, she woke me up in the mornings, she brought me dead stuff, she sat outside the bathroom when I was inside and she stuck her nose into everything I did.

Fufu (fufee, foofsters) the sweetest feisty little girl. I will miss you forever and always.

I want to leave this house, this village and live somewhere quiet and remote wher my cats can roam free. 
July 2012 - 19/06/14

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sock Zebra Tutorial

Take a pair of striped socks. 

Turn both inside out.

The first sock will form the legs and the body.

1. Sew up from toe to about 1.5 cm from base of heel with a very narrow U. Then cut up centre of U, leaving the base of the U complete and uncut. This will form the front legs
2. Sew a U at leg end, leaving the ends open. Then cut up centre of U, as for front legs. This will form back legs.

3. Turn right side out through one of the back legs.
4. Stuff and the sew front legs closed.

Second Sick

1. Cut into 3 bits. 

2. Sew a slightly curved line along the back of head, leaving an opening for stuffing. Trimm of any excess.

3. Sew up each ear to a point. See picture.

4. Stuff head and sew shut.

5. Cut and separate ears, Then turn ears to right side and sew onto head.

6. Add mane - there are various ways. I crocheted a chain and sewed this onto the head, then I used the chain holes to crochet a row of double crochet to form the mane.

7. Add features, eyes, nostrils and mouth (if wanted)- mine is for a baby so I just used wool, but they look lovely with felt or buttons.

8. Add a tail to the body- I used wool and made a pleat which was then sewn onto body.

9. Finally attach head to body.

This should be your Sock Zebra finished,

Pattern would easily work for a horse or Donkey.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Potting again

We'll first thing....these just had to go.

But that's ok. Totally worth the sacrifice. I love making pots.
This is what me and Mrs P produced last week.
3 mugs and 2 bowls for me.
2 tumblers and 3 bowls for Mrs P.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lounge pants/ pj bottoms

I bought this fabulous cheap stretch fleece. 
Just had to make bottoms from it.

Pattern is an old essential one based on a look that Rachael from Friends wore.

My DD is very happy with them....they have pockets too  :o)

Yes that's Fufu in the background. Here's a close up .

Mid clean.