Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Week 4 Dinners

Monday - Roast Gammon left Overs.
Just as good the second time round.

Tuesday - Chicken with Savoury onion and mushroom Pasta
Lovely Pasta made by the OH great savoury flavour.

Wednesday Crockpot Beer Chicken
Was OK, but cooked too long and too much juice. That was my fault. I'm always I but worried about things drying out, so I always overdo the wet stuff in the slow cooker.

Thursday - Dinner with The Kids at Banff Springs Hotel
look for the the review coming up.

Friday - Birthday Meal Rump Steak, Chinese chicken and veg followed by Choc Orange Brownie and Custard.
OMG a fabulous meal. DD made the brownies.

Saturday - Quick veg and salami pasta

Sunday -Chicken, Chips and mushy peas
I like Mushy Peas. They are great with some balsamic and ground pepper.

Didn't manage a low calories meal at all  this week, but will get back on the wagon next week. Did have low cal breakfast and lunches though. Mainly muesli and cup-a-soup.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Why do I blog?

I've been thinking about this for while. I think I blog because I have a short memory and I'm not good at remember when something happened.

My blog is a little like an online diary. I try to blog about what interests me and some of the major life events. The labels I use most often are Crafting; Pottery; Cooking and Pets. So that's kinda what I blog about.

I love taking pictures of my achievements, my cooking, my pets and my life. These pictures make there way onto my blogs with a little bit of chat. I want to share, inspire and document.

Last night I started to use twitter for the first time... I've read that it will help me get more followers, but also sometimes I just want to put something short and sweet out there....something that is too small to blog, something  bitesize... you can follow me @zom_B_cazz

I've been tweeting about my lastest (almost) finished project. A wee Space Invader Cozy for my new Camera. I've spent most of the evening knitting it and it just needs a closure, but it's most definitely bed time...so a quick pic them sleep time.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Planning a Space Invader Hat

The OH and the DD (Other Half and Darling Daughter) love hats and I really enjoy having a knitting or crochet project in my hands when watching TV. So it's time to start something new.

It's been a good few weeks since I finished my last knitting projects. For Christmas I designed a sloth hat for DD. She's a fan of sloths and I also made her a sloth, both turned out pretty cute.
Sloth Hat Ravelry link
Sloth Ravelry link

It's also been a while since I made the OH anything....so I had a wee trawl through the internet and decided on a space invaders hat. It's still very much in the planning stage, but I have designed the intarsia.

Add caption

Planning to have only one tank and exploding invader, the rest of the invaders on that row will be whole. So now I need to see if I have the right colours: black, pink, blue and green....like this.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Birthday Evening

Had lovely quiet evening with the OH and DD.
These are the lovely goodies I go from my OH.

Plus I got a fabulous panasonic Lumix camera which seems to take pretty fab point and click pictures.

We started the evening if a wee drop of Moet....ooh I do love it.

Followed by some lovely rump steak and chinese barbeque chicken with a tasty Medoc from Lidl. Followed by Choc Orange Brownie made by DD and some custard.

I had Blue cheese on my steak yummy. The chicken was cooked in a mixture of tomato sauce, honey, soya sauce and five spice seasoning.

The wine was pretty good, but was a little too dry for a medoc.

OMG the brownie's were delicious and I'd been hankering for some custard. The brownies were dairy free and used lactose free milk for the custard so the OH got to enjoy it too.

all in all dinner was absolutely delicious, the moet was just as good as I remembered and I got some absolutely fabulous presents.

Whilst I'm writing I'm watching Farscape on Netflix via my new blu-ray player. My OH gets me some fab presents.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bite Size - Cranberry Orange Loaf

Baked a Cranberry and Orange Loaf
Couldn't wait for it to cool, it smelled so good
Didn't photograph it yet
Didn't ice it yet
Just had to have a bite

Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 3 Dinners 2014

Monday - Parmesan and green veg pasta with grilled Chicken fillets
Yummy. The Chicken fillets are the Iceland 8 for £2 garlic and herb and the pasta from the recipe book I bought the OH at Christmas. Basically I cooked some peas, whole green beans and mange tout in some Vitalite, lemon juice and finally when mixed with hot pasta added some grated Parmesan.

Tuesday - Steamed veg with poached egg and parmesan for me. Nan bread Pizza for the OH
This is my go to low calorie dinner. Love freshly steamed veg. The cheese and the egg add some sauciness and tang.

Wednesday - Pasta, Bacon, Cheese and Roast vegetable bake.
The OH made this, another one based on the recipe book I got him.

Thursday - Steamed veg with poached egg and parmesan for me. Nan bread Pizza for the OH
Quick and easy Pizza for the OH. Jar of bruschetta topping from home bargains does two pizzas and the Nan bread from there is dairy free too - 2 for 45p. Topped with 0% carbohydrate Cheese which doesn't upset his lactose intolerance.

Friday - Iceland Curries
These curries are pretty good and they have a selection that have a number that usually have no milk products in them. Mixed with Home Bargains Nan which again are dairy free.

Saturday - Roast Maple Gammon with Dairy Free Dauphinoise Potatoes.
The Bargain buy from Christmas. Asda Gammon roast reduced to £2.50 baked in the oven and served with some Dairy free Dauphinoise using this recipe. The OH wasn't expecting much from the gammon, but actually it was really succulent and the sauciness of the potatoes and sweetness of the veg complimented the saltiness of the gammon really well.
Even have enough left over for dinner on Monday.

Sunday - Visit to the local Wetherspoons
Trip out with the OH and DD. We did Home Bargain, Lidl and then Dinner. Good fun and tie to chat.

All the meals this week were a success. Our home cooking is much better than going out, but it was fun not to worry about it and to have no dishes afterwards. Not sure I can pick a favourite, but the Pasta, cheese and roast vegetable was pretty fantastic and I didn't lift a finger to make it.

Stencilling Fun - Bears and Snowflakes

My DD really liked some of the funky fair Isle Duvet covers that were around at Christmas time. So being a good Mum and hoping to make her happy I spent some time looking for a reduced one in the sales, but had no luck. I'm not willing to pay over £15 for a double duvet set, even if she loves it.

Anyway what does a good crafting mum do, well she plans to have a go and make one :o)

I bought a nice plain duvet set from ebay for about £8.00 Black on one side red on the other.
I went trawling around the internet for the right pictures to Stencil and I bought some Stencil blanks for about £4.00

Spend so far £12

Tonight I managed to get the printer up and running and printed out my pictures and started cutting the stencils. Really not a favourite task I get a crick in my neck, so after cutting out two of the 3 stencils I will need I took a break.
I also decided that before I take the plunge and actually start stencilling the duvet cover I had better check how well the stencils come out.

Found a nice plain T-shirt of mine and cracked open the acrylics and textile medium. Mixed up some red fabric paint, persuaded Fat Cat to get off my table several times and started stencilling. I did the polar bear first and let it dry. Then had to pick up and move Fat Cat from the t-shirt and stencilled the snowflakes. The T-shirt was then allowed to dry and finally ironed the stencils with a clean tea towel over the top of them.

Look he's on it again.

I think the stencils have come out pretty well. I only put on one layer of the fabric paint as I wanted them to be slightly faded. I need to now get the Deer stencil cut out and try and find a space to lay out a duvet cover. Then I'll need to tape out some straight lines (ha ha straight, that should be fun) to give some definition between the bears, deer and snowflakes. I also think I'll put a bear on one pillow with some snowflakes and a deer on the other with snowflakes. Hmm I may do these first... you know dip the toe in before jumping in :o)

Wish me luck.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Adventure Time Baseball Boots

My DD is a big fan of baseball boots, in fact it's about all she will ever wear.

Anyhoo I was in Tesco and found a reduced pair for £3 in a boring beige colour.

I promptly bought them with the idea of decorating them. Didn't take me long to come up with an idea, she's a big Adventure Time fan.

Here are the finished boots

Googled the characters from Adventure Time, broke out the acrylic paints and some textile medium. drew the design, painted it in and let it dry. I then sprayed it all with some water proofing spray in the hope it will preserve the design a bit.

DD is absolutely delighted.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What to do with Slimy Yoghurt?

Make Cheese!!

Ok so I finally broke out the yogurt maker.

I found it last year in a charity shop and promptly put it in the cupboard. The other night I was putting away something and bent down and saw at the back my yoghurt maker.
Yeah yogurt I thought. I followed the instruction, which were scant to say the least. I really, really should have googled it. Anyway I ploughed on and later that night i had.....a batch of slimy yoghurt!
Ok it smelt like yoghurt, it tasted like yoghurt, but it was runny and slimy like mucous....Argh I hate mucous.

There was no way I could eat slimy yoghurt so I did a little googling and found a mention somewhere, that you can make cheese from yoghurt.
In the interest of not wasting all that slime, I slopped most of it into a pan and warmed it up and added some lemon juice, giving it a stir until it started to separate. I didn't get big curds, but probably didn't heat it enough.

Once I had curds I poured it into a colander with a clean tea towel inside mixed in some chilli and some chopped coriander and a little salt.
This sat for a while until the whey had run off. I then squeezed it and put into a tub with a tin on top to press it.

The Whey I used and made pancakes.

So behold cheese.

I was hoping for a paneer, but I think I need to heat the yoghurt more to get bigger curds. I ended up with soft cheese. It's pretty good and what is best I didn't waste any of that awful slimy yoghurt.

Whilst the Cheese was straining. I cleaned up the yoghurt pots, measured out enough 1% milk to mostly fill my 4 pots and put it in a pan. I brought it slowly to the boil, then immediately turned it off and cooled it to about 110 degrees F. Once cool I added a whole pot of the slimy stuff, whisked it in and put into my yogurt pots. The pots were then placed them into the machine and plugged it in for about 9 hours (overnight).
Woke up to perfect natural yoghurt :o)

Monday, January 13, 2014

52 weeks of meals

Thought I'd try and document what we eat. I'll even try to get pictures too.

Week 1

was probably a bust. I was just recovering from a cold and the OH was just starting to cough, so neither one of us was really feeling much like cooking

So dinners for most of the week consisted of toasties. I got some stilton at Christmas, so have been enjoying stilton toastie, sometimes with apple, sometimes with bacon and the absolute best is bacon, apple and stilton.
On the Sunday I did make the effort and the OH had home made Pizza whilst I had roasted garlic broccoli with some seasonal veg and a bit of blue cheese melted on top.
The broccoli was well past it's best and very yellow on top, which often means it falls to bits when boiled and tastes very strong if turned into a sauce. I would definitely recommend roasting it. doesn't fall apart too much and tasted great.

Homemade Chorizo, bacon, smoked sausage and veg pizza.

Week 2

Monday - Slow Cooker Green Thai Turkey curry with potatoes and carrots
Tuesday - Steamed veg, griddled halloumi and a poached egg
Wednesday - Lentil Soup

Thursday - Wasabi, garlic and lemon grilled Mackerel, served with garlic hasselback potatoes, roasted onions and steamed veg

Friday - Stilton, Apple and Mackerel Toasts

Saturday - Tomato and Balsamic Turkey with Rice

Sunday - Left overs .

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Cheshire Cat Zune Cover

My OH bought me a little Zune HD MP3 player for my Christmas. I wanted a cute little MP3 player for milling around the house doing housework and also some keep fit.

After topping it up with some Tunes I went online to get a cover, but couldn't find anything fun and tough.
So I put on my crafting hat and thought I'd have a go at decorating a plain black cover.

I started with this.

I then drew round it to get the correct size and played with a design. I was very happy with my first go, so didn't need to work on another.
This is my design.

I then pulled out the acrylic paints and put the basics of the design down and allowed it to dry. Not bad so far, but more of a grey cat in a top hat than the Cheshire Cat.

Once dry I added the accents and I also decided to add a tail to the back of the cover.



Pretty pleased how it has turned out.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Our Pasta Bowls

So I've been working on my homemade pottery dishes for a while now. I still don't have my ideal crockery cupboard full of homemade dishes, but I'm definitely making an impact.

Here for your delight are our pasta bowls.



I love that everyone chooses these first above the shop bought ones to eat out off, really brings a smile to my face.

We did have another one, but it's got a crack in it so it's now only for dry stuff like snacks...So doesn't fit into the pasta bowl category anymore.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Back to Work Scones

It's been a bit of a slog getting back into the working routine. I'm finding it hard getting to sleep at night, so I'm waking up tired. The worst though is I get home and about 7pm I need a snooze, if I have a snooze I'm then refreshed and again not ready to sleep when it's bed time...vicious cycle.

So there I was at 10:30 last night thinking hmmm.....I think I'll go and make some scones to take to work. So that's what I did.

I don't really use a recipe anymore for scones. I dump some Self Raising flour into a bowl and add a big pinch of salt. I then rub in some marg, probably about a tablespoon per 6/8 scones. Add a couple of spoons of sugar and then some wet stuff. I like to use a mix of yogurt and milk as that gets the chemicals going nicely.
The absolute best advice for scones is: Just barely mix them together, do not over work them. Put them into a very high oven for 5/6 minutes then turn down to about 180 for another 6 minutes or until they are nicely browned.
For these scones I had a couple of small tubs of greek cherry yoghurt to use up and added a little extra milk.

Sweet!! Hope the troops at work enjoy them.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Some of the Tasty from 2013

Just a little of the Tasty treats made by me and the OH last year.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Welcome 2014

Last few months of 2013 were somewhat taxing, but we've just had two weeks off and even dealing with the stress of family and having a cold I'm thinking that 2014 is here and I should be gearing up to make a start.

Firstly I finished my blanket it's become big enough to snuggle in on the couch, but I did plan it for the bed. Changed my mind. So didn't need to make it bed size.

Now I'm working on a couple of patchwork denim covers for Mine and Kelsie's bed. Suitcase of Jean patches ready.

Backing fleece from Primark Ready.

Planning on doing some stencilling onto some of the patches to add some fun and I have ordered the white thread.

Plans for 2014

1. Get a little fitter
2. Lose some weight on the 5:2 fasting diet.
3. Make two Bed covers
4. Do more work on house.
5. Win a big win on lottery
6. Go to Theatre more
7. Be a better blogger....loads of uplifting, happy posts.
8. Capture more of the cats crazy antics on film.
9. Declutter more.

Hope we all have a happy, joyful, fun and prosperous 2014.