Monday, January 13, 2014

52 weeks of meals

Thought I'd try and document what we eat. I'll even try to get pictures too.

Week 1

was probably a bust. I was just recovering from a cold and the OH was just starting to cough, so neither one of us was really feeling much like cooking

So dinners for most of the week consisted of toasties. I got some stilton at Christmas, so have been enjoying stilton toastie, sometimes with apple, sometimes with bacon and the absolute best is bacon, apple and stilton.
On the Sunday I did make the effort and the OH had home made Pizza whilst I had roasted garlic broccoli with some seasonal veg and a bit of blue cheese melted on top.
The broccoli was well past it's best and very yellow on top, which often means it falls to bits when boiled and tastes very strong if turned into a sauce. I would definitely recommend roasting it. doesn't fall apart too much and tasted great.

Homemade Chorizo, bacon, smoked sausage and veg pizza.

Week 2

Monday - Slow Cooker Green Thai Turkey curry with potatoes and carrots
Tuesday - Steamed veg, griddled halloumi and a poached egg
Wednesday - Lentil Soup

Thursday - Wasabi, garlic and lemon grilled Mackerel, served with garlic hasselback potatoes, roasted onions and steamed veg

Friday - Stilton, Apple and Mackerel Toasts

Saturday - Tomato and Balsamic Turkey with Rice

Sunday - Left overs .

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