Saturday, January 25, 2014

Birthday Evening

Had lovely quiet evening with the OH and DD.
These are the lovely goodies I go from my OH.

Plus I got a fabulous panasonic Lumix camera which seems to take pretty fab point and click pictures.

We started the evening if a wee drop of Moet....ooh I do love it.

Followed by some lovely rump steak and chinese barbeque chicken with a tasty Medoc from Lidl. Followed by Choc Orange Brownie made by DD and some custard.

I had Blue cheese on my steak yummy. The chicken was cooked in a mixture of tomato sauce, honey, soya sauce and five spice seasoning.

The wine was pretty good, but was a little too dry for a medoc.

OMG the brownie's were delicious and I'd been hankering for some custard. The brownies were dairy free and used lactose free milk for the custard so the OH got to enjoy it too.

all in all dinner was absolutely delicious, the moet was just as good as I remembered and I got some absolutely fabulous presents.

Whilst I'm writing I'm watching Farscape on Netflix via my new blu-ray player. My OH gets me some fab presents.

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richy said...

it's almost worth spending all that money on presents just to have an excuse to have a meal like that tbh