Sunday, January 12, 2014

Cheshire Cat Zune Cover

My OH bought me a little Zune HD MP3 player for my Christmas. I wanted a cute little MP3 player for milling around the house doing housework and also some keep fit.

After topping it up with some Tunes I went online to get a cover, but couldn't find anything fun and tough.
So I put on my crafting hat and thought I'd have a go at decorating a plain black cover.

I started with this.

I then drew round it to get the correct size and played with a design. I was very happy with my first go, so didn't need to work on another.
This is my design.

I then pulled out the acrylic paints and put the basics of the design down and allowed it to dry. Not bad so far, but more of a grey cat in a top hat than the Cheshire Cat.

Once dry I added the accents and I also decided to add a tail to the back of the cover.



Pretty pleased how it has turned out.

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