Sunday, January 26, 2014

Planning a Space Invader Hat

The OH and the DD (Other Half and Darling Daughter) love hats and I really enjoy having a knitting or crochet project in my hands when watching TV. So it's time to start something new.

It's been a good few weeks since I finished my last knitting projects. For Christmas I designed a sloth hat for DD. She's a fan of sloths and I also made her a sloth, both turned out pretty cute.
Sloth Hat Ravelry link
Sloth Ravelry link

It's also been a while since I made the OH I had a wee trawl through the internet and decided on a space invaders hat. It's still very much in the planning stage, but I have designed the intarsia.

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Planning to have only one tank and exploding invader, the rest of the invaders on that row will be whole. So now I need to see if I have the right colours: black, pink, blue and this.

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