Monday, January 20, 2014

Stencilling Fun - Bears and Snowflakes

My DD really liked some of the funky fair Isle Duvet covers that were around at Christmas time. So being a good Mum and hoping to make her happy I spent some time looking for a reduced one in the sales, but had no luck. I'm not willing to pay over £15 for a double duvet set, even if she loves it.

Anyway what does a good crafting mum do, well she plans to have a go and make one :o)

I bought a nice plain duvet set from ebay for about £8.00 Black on one side red on the other.
I went trawling around the internet for the right pictures to Stencil and I bought some Stencil blanks for about £4.00

Spend so far £12

Tonight I managed to get the printer up and running and printed out my pictures and started cutting the stencils. Really not a favourite task I get a crick in my neck, so after cutting out two of the 3 stencils I will need I took a break.
I also decided that before I take the plunge and actually start stencilling the duvet cover I had better check how well the stencils come out.

Found a nice plain T-shirt of mine and cracked open the acrylics and textile medium. Mixed up some red fabric paint, persuaded Fat Cat to get off my table several times and started stencilling. I did the polar bear first and let it dry. Then had to pick up and move Fat Cat from the t-shirt and stencilled the snowflakes. The T-shirt was then allowed to dry and finally ironed the stencils with a clean tea towel over the top of them.

Look he's on it again.

I think the stencils have come out pretty well. I only put on one layer of the fabric paint as I wanted them to be slightly faded. I need to now get the Deer stencil cut out and try and find a space to lay out a duvet cover. Then I'll need to tape out some straight lines (ha ha straight, that should be fun) to give some definition between the bears, deer and snowflakes. I also think I'll put a bear on one pillow with some snowflakes and a deer on the other with snowflakes. Hmm I may do these first... you know dip the toe in before jumping in :o)

Wish me luck.

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richy said...

awww that's so nice of Big Fat Cat to help out like that :)