Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 3 Dinners 2014

Monday - Parmesan and green veg pasta with grilled Chicken fillets
Yummy. The Chicken fillets are the Iceland 8 for £2 garlic and herb and the pasta from the recipe book I bought the OH at Christmas. Basically I cooked some peas, whole green beans and mange tout in some Vitalite, lemon juice and finally when mixed with hot pasta added some grated Parmesan.

Tuesday - Steamed veg with poached egg and parmesan for me. Nan bread Pizza for the OH
This is my go to low calorie dinner. Love freshly steamed veg. The cheese and the egg add some sauciness and tang.

Wednesday - Pasta, Bacon, Cheese and Roast vegetable bake.
The OH made this, another one based on the recipe book I got him.

Thursday - Steamed veg with poached egg and parmesan for me. Nan bread Pizza for the OH
Quick and easy Pizza for the OH. Jar of bruschetta topping from home bargains does two pizzas and the Nan bread from there is dairy free too - 2 for 45p. Topped with 0% carbohydrate Cheese which doesn't upset his lactose intolerance.

Friday - Iceland Curries
These curries are pretty good and they have a selection that have a number that usually have no milk products in them. Mixed with Home Bargains Nan which again are dairy free.

Saturday - Roast Maple Gammon with Dairy Free Dauphinoise Potatoes.
The Bargain buy from Christmas. Asda Gammon roast reduced to £2.50 baked in the oven and served with some Dairy free Dauphinoise using this recipe. The OH wasn't expecting much from the gammon, but actually it was really succulent and the sauciness of the potatoes and sweetness of the veg complimented the saltiness of the gammon really well.
Even have enough left over for dinner on Monday.

Sunday - Visit to the local Wetherspoons
Trip out with the OH and DD. We did Home Bargain, Lidl and then Dinner. Good fun and tie to chat.

All the meals this week were a success. Our home cooking is much better than going out, but it was fun not to worry about it and to have no dishes afterwards. Not sure I can pick a favourite, but the Pasta, cheese and roast vegetable was pretty fantastic and I didn't lift a finger to make it.

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richy said...

yeah dearest mother almost completely ruined gammon for me, think she used to literally boil it :o

anywho, properly cooked it's pretty damn tasty :)