Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Week 4 Dinners

Monday - Roast Gammon left Overs.
Just as good the second time round.

Tuesday - Chicken with Savoury onion and mushroom Pasta
Lovely Pasta made by the OH great savoury flavour.

Wednesday Crockpot Beer Chicken
Was OK, but cooked too long and too much juice. That was my fault. I'm always I but worried about things drying out, so I always overdo the wet stuff in the slow cooker.

Thursday - Dinner with The Kids at Banff Springs Hotel
look for the the review coming up.

Friday - Birthday Meal Rump Steak, Chinese chicken and veg followed by Choc Orange Brownie and Custard.
OMG a fabulous meal. DD made the brownies.

Saturday - Quick veg and salami pasta

Sunday -Chicken, Chips and mushy peas
I like Mushy Peas. They are great with some balsamic and ground pepper.

Didn't manage a low calories meal at all  this week, but will get back on the wagon next week. Did have low cal breakfast and lunches though. Mainly muesli and cup-a-soup.

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