Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What to do with Slimy Yoghurt?

Make Cheese!!

Ok so I finally broke out the yogurt maker.

I found it last year in a charity shop and promptly put it in the cupboard. The other night I was putting away something and bent down and saw at the back my yoghurt maker.
Yeah yogurt I thought. I followed the instruction, which were scant to say the least. I really, really should have googled it. Anyway I ploughed on and later that night i had.....a batch of slimy yoghurt!
Ok it smelt like yoghurt, it tasted like yoghurt, but it was runny and slimy like mucous....Argh I hate mucous.

There was no way I could eat slimy yoghurt so I did a little googling and found a mention somewhere, that you can make cheese from yoghurt.
In the interest of not wasting all that slime, I slopped most of it into a pan and warmed it up and added some lemon juice, giving it a stir until it started to separate. I didn't get big curds, but probably didn't heat it enough.

Once I had curds I poured it into a colander with a clean tea towel inside mixed in some chilli and some chopped coriander and a little salt.
This sat for a while until the whey had run off. I then squeezed it and put into a tub with a tin on top to press it.

The Whey I used and made pancakes.

So behold cheese.

I was hoping for a paneer, but I think I need to heat the yoghurt more to get bigger curds. I ended up with soft cheese. It's pretty good and what is best I didn't waste any of that awful slimy yoghurt.

Whilst the Cheese was straining. I cleaned up the yoghurt pots, measured out enough 1% milk to mostly fill my 4 pots and put it in a pan. I brought it slowly to the boil, then immediately turned it off and cooled it to about 110 degrees F. Once cool I added a whole pot of the slimy stuff, whisked it in and put into my yogurt pots. The pots were then placed them into the machine and plugged it in for about 9 hours (overnight).
Woke up to perfect natural yoghurt :o)

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