Monday, January 27, 2014

Why do I blog?

I've been thinking about this for while. I think I blog because I have a short memory and I'm not good at remember when something happened.

My blog is a little like an online diary. I try to blog about what interests me and some of the major life events. The labels I use most often are Crafting; Pottery; Cooking and Pets. So that's kinda what I blog about.

I love taking pictures of my achievements, my cooking, my pets and my life. These pictures make there way onto my blogs with a little bit of chat. I want to share, inspire and document.

Last night I started to use twitter for the first time... I've read that it will help me get more followers, but also sometimes I just want to put something short and sweet out there....something that is too small to blog, something  bitesize... you can follow me @zom_B_cazz

I've been tweeting about my lastest (almost) finished project. A wee Space Invader Cozy for my new Camera. I've spent most of the evening knitting it and it just needs a closure, but it's most definitely bed a quick pic them sleep time.


Roobeedoo said...

Have you read the latest Bridget Jones book? There is a whole thread of her learning to use Twitter - very funny! ;)

Cazz said...

no I haven't. I'll need to check it out. I have 3 followers.