Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Week 7 Dinners

Monday - Pork and veg with oyster and peanut sauce.
Very tasty, although bit too much runniness to sauce and I think there are better oyster sauces out there.

Tuesday - Lemon Salmon Risotto
Lovely, added courgette, broccoli and onions with garlic, lemon, parmesan and vermouth for flavour. Used up a couple of small salmon portions and about 3 slices of smoked salmon

Wednesday - Pasta Bolognaise
Found a pot of Bolognaise in freezer. Boiled some pasta heated up Bolognaise and "Hey Presto".

Thursday - Beed class night.
I pick up something quick and reduced at Supermarket -This week Sushi

Friday- Barbecue Pulled  Pork and Coleslaw Wraps
Slow cooked pork for hours and hours the used juices plus some tomato sauce and honey to make a barbecue sauce. Home 
Made coleslaw yummy.

Saturday- pulled pork Sandwich for OH and smoked Salmon with poached egg on toast for me.
OH says messiest every sandwich, but delicious

Sunday- Chicken Salad
Defrosted chicken portions marinaded in some sweet chilli, garlic, ginger an seasoning. Served on a bed of mixed salad with garlic and chilli dressing that I got at Christmas. Yummy.

Best Bunny Giveaway

Have just finished this little one.

Isn't she/he a Cutie?
The Bunny is Valentine's present from my son to his girlfriend.

The pattern is Lion Brand's Best Bunny

I originally made one of these back in 2010 for a swap. He was called Bunny Olini and had a birthday certificate to go with him.

Would you like to have a Best Bunny of your very own?

I'm planning my first ever giveaway. All you need to do is comment on this post and tell me what your ideal colours for you bunny would be and whether I should use a 4mm, 5mm or 6mm hook. 4mm will give you one the size of Valentine Bunny and 6mm will give you a Bunny Olini.

For 2 chances to win comment on the blog post and follow me on twitter.

Names will go in hat and one lucky person will be drawn out on the 28th February.

I'll then make the Bunny, get the winner's details and soon someone will have their very own Best Bunny.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 6 Dinners

Monday - Roast Gammon and fried egg on Toast
Had another day crafting and watching Farscape, so pulled together a tasty quick dinner using up the last of the yesterday's roast with some toast and a fried egg with a hot cup of tea.

Tuesday - Lactofree Carbonara (kind of)
Used some cave aged cheese and some parmesan (0% carbohydrates) and a tub of soya cream. This was delicious, the soya cream stayed nice and thick and I add some egg which gave a richness to the sauce.

Wednesday - Hoisin noodles with turkey, peanuts and broccoli
Used that recipe for the sauce from last week, but added a couple of new ingredients, some sweet chilli sauce for a bit of bite and some balsamic vinegar. It was yummy licious again

Thursday - Jewellery class night
so I had a sandwich and a custard tart whilst sitting in the car after work.

Friday - Lidl Barbecue Ribs with oven chips and homemade coleslaw
These were pretty nice, took longer than stated too cook and the coleslaw was yummy and went really well with the ribs.

Saturday - Smoked Sausage and brussel sprout Pasta with lemon and pesto
This wasn't Lactofree, but I'm sure it could be. I quartered the brussels sprouts and put them in the steamer with lemon zest and smoked sausage. I then cooked pasta Once it was all cooked I mixed the veg, meat and pasta together with a tub of light pesto cream cheese. Yummy!!

Sunday - Waffle Churros and chocolate sauce
We were very bad. DD saw a post on my pinterest about waffle churros. So that's what we made. For the sauce I melted some plain and milk chocolate with some milk and vanilla essence. OMG so good, we didn't need dinner and have plenty sauce left for another batch.

Great week for homemade food. Both DD and the OH are big fans of pasta and noodles...could you tell? Fortunately they also love veg and are happy with a little meat and loads of veg.  
Couldn't pick a favourite. The ribs were a lovely treat, but at £2.99 per person just for the ribs, probably not a frequent treat. Especially compared to the brussels and smoked sausage pasta which couldn't have been more than £1.00 per person.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Bead Jewellery Class

I've signed up for a weekly Jewellery making class. This class concentrates on bead work and does a lot of bead weaving.
It's over in Peterhead, about 20 miles away, but Peterhead is good for shopping so I can multitask.

Anyway my first evening was a lesson on how to make a wire random necklace.
We were given these beads:

White, black and green pearl beads, clear swarovski beads and small round crimping beads.

We then got 5 lengths of wire.

The first things we did was add a large crimp bead and a closed jump ring to the end. Then took one length and started adding beads at random. Add crimp bead, add some bigger beads, add crimp bead and repeat until all 5 wires had beads on.

Getting ready - Apparently some of us have problems with random :o)

Finish of with another set of large crimp bead and closed jump ring. Then add a lobster claw clasp to one end.

This is my finished Necklace.

It's really rather pretty. Our Teacher Gail decided on the perfect colour combination for my first class and that's without ever having met me. :o)

I learnt lots of bits of information about attaching findings, were to cut the wires, how to work with jump rings. Really fun class and I will definitely be going next week.

I've started a pinterest Bead Projects board were I will post any interesting bead weaving project that I see. I can't wait to start bead weaving.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Farscape Mitt

I've have had great relaxing 4 day weekend.
Lots of knitting and lots and lots of Farscape.

I'm such a slow knitter. I think it took me about 12 episodes of Farscape to finish one mitt. Ok it is fabulous and I do love the finished one, but at as little as £10 an hour these would be £240 mitts OMG.
Good job I do it for the fun of it and not to earn a wage.

Anyway here is my first Farscape mitt.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 5 Dinners

Monday - Egg and Tomato Sandwich
was really late home (about 8pm) finished late at work, battle through awful traffic and had to go buy a TV bargain from Gumtree on way home, then pick up bread and cat food....Very hungry and tired so cuppa and sandwich was the answer.

Tuesday - Fridge Pasta
was busy altering a pair of salopettes for a colleague and dinner was the last thing on my mind and apparently anyone elses. I this case pasta is the go too I throw together a sauce using veg and meat from the fridge and throw it through pasta. We all love pasta, so it goes down well.

Wednesday - Iceland Curries
Usually a very good go to, but the chicken marsala balti  was bit boring.  I bought some Aldi chinese and curry to try out.

Thursday -  Turkey Stir fry
Forgot to take a picture, but did make a sauce based on this recipe. Didn't have oyster sauce so used hoisin instead. It was very yummy, need to try it next time with the oyster sauce.

Friday - Chinese turkey Salad me and Tomato and Steak Casserole for OH and DD

Saturday - Maple and Apple Roast Gammon with hasselback potatoes

Sunday - Aldi Chinese
This was pretty good. Managed to mix one Hoisin Chicken with a packet of noodles and fed both myself and DD.

Sunday, February 2, 2014