Friday, February 7, 2014

Bead Jewellery Class

I've signed up for a weekly Jewellery making class. This class concentrates on bead work and does a lot of bead weaving.
It's over in Peterhead, about 20 miles away, but Peterhead is good for shopping so I can multitask.

Anyway my first evening was a lesson on how to make a wire random necklace.
We were given these beads:

White, black and green pearl beads, clear swarovski beads and small round crimping beads.

We then got 5 lengths of wire.

The first things we did was add a large crimp bead and a closed jump ring to the end. Then took one length and started adding beads at random. Add crimp bead, add some bigger beads, add crimp bead and repeat until all 5 wires had beads on.

Getting ready - Apparently some of us have problems with random :o)

Finish of with another set of large crimp bead and closed jump ring. Then add a lobster claw clasp to one end.

This is my finished Necklace.

It's really rather pretty. Our Teacher Gail decided on the perfect colour combination for my first class and that's without ever having met me. :o)

I learnt lots of bits of information about attaching findings, were to cut the wires, how to work with jump rings. Really fun class and I will definitely be going next week.

I've started a pinterest Bead Projects board were I will post any interesting bead weaving project that I see. I can't wait to start bead weaving.

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