Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 5 Dinners

Monday - Egg and Tomato Sandwich
was really late home (about 8pm) finished late at work, battle through awful traffic and had to go buy a TV bargain from Gumtree on way home, then pick up bread and cat food....Very hungry and tired so cuppa and sandwich was the answer.

Tuesday - Fridge Pasta
was busy altering a pair of salopettes for a colleague and dinner was the last thing on my mind and apparently anyone elses. I this case pasta is the go too I throw together a sauce using veg and meat from the fridge and throw it through pasta. We all love pasta, so it goes down well.

Wednesday - Iceland Curries
Usually a very good go to, but the chicken marsala balti  was bit boring.  I bought some Aldi chinese and curry to try out.

Thursday -  Turkey Stir fry
Forgot to take a picture, but did make a sauce based on this recipe. Didn't have oyster sauce so used hoisin instead. It was very yummy, need to try it next time with the oyster sauce.

Friday - Chinese turkey Salad me and Tomato and Steak Casserole for OH and DD

Saturday - Maple and Apple Roast Gammon with hasselback potatoes

Sunday - Aldi Chinese
This was pretty good. Managed to mix one Hoisin Chicken with a packet of noodles and fed both myself and DD.

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