Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 6 Dinners

Monday - Roast Gammon and fried egg on Toast
Had another day crafting and watching Farscape, so pulled together a tasty quick dinner using up the last of the yesterday's roast with some toast and a fried egg with a hot cup of tea.

Tuesday - Lactofree Carbonara (kind of)
Used some cave aged cheese and some parmesan (0% carbohydrates) and a tub of soya cream. This was delicious, the soya cream stayed nice and thick and I add some egg which gave a richness to the sauce.

Wednesday - Hoisin noodles with turkey, peanuts and broccoli
Used that recipe for the sauce from last week, but added a couple of new ingredients, some sweet chilli sauce for a bit of bite and some balsamic vinegar. It was yummy licious again

Thursday - Jewellery class night
so I had a sandwich and a custard tart whilst sitting in the car after work.

Friday - Lidl Barbecue Ribs with oven chips and homemade coleslaw
These were pretty nice, took longer than stated too cook and the coleslaw was yummy and went really well with the ribs.

Saturday - Smoked Sausage and brussel sprout Pasta with lemon and pesto
This wasn't Lactofree, but I'm sure it could be. I quartered the brussels sprouts and put them in the steamer with lemon zest and smoked sausage. I then cooked pasta Once it was all cooked I mixed the veg, meat and pasta together with a tub of light pesto cream cheese. Yummy!!

Sunday - Waffle Churros and chocolate sauce
We were very bad. DD saw a post on my pinterest about waffle churros. So that's what we made. For the sauce I melted some plain and milk chocolate with some milk and vanilla essence. OMG so good, we didn't need dinner and have plenty sauce left for another batch.

Great week for homemade food. Both DD and the OH are big fans of pasta and noodles...could you tell? Fortunately they also love veg and are happy with a little meat and loads of veg.  
Couldn't pick a favourite. The ribs were a lovely treat, but at £2.99 per person just for the ribs, probably not a frequent treat. Especially compared to the brussels and smoked sausage pasta which couldn't have been more than £1.00 per person.

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