Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Week 7 Dinners

Monday - Pork and veg with oyster and peanut sauce.
Very tasty, although bit too much runniness to sauce and I think there are better oyster sauces out there.

Tuesday - Lemon Salmon Risotto
Lovely, added courgette, broccoli and onions with garlic, lemon, parmesan and vermouth for flavour. Used up a couple of small salmon portions and about 3 slices of smoked salmon

Wednesday - Pasta Bolognaise
Found a pot of Bolognaise in freezer. Boiled some pasta heated up Bolognaise and "Hey Presto".

Thursday - Beed class night.
I pick up something quick and reduced at Supermarket -This week Sushi

Friday- Barbecue Pulled  Pork and Coleslaw Wraps
Slow cooked pork for hours and hours the used juices plus some tomato sauce and honey to make a barbecue sauce. Home 
Made coleslaw yummy.

Saturday- pulled pork Sandwich for OH and smoked Salmon with poached egg on toast for me.
OH says messiest every sandwich, but delicious

Sunday- Chicken Salad
Defrosted chicken portions marinaded in some sweet chilli, garlic, ginger an seasoning. Served on a bed of mixed salad with garlic and chilli dressing that I got at Christmas. Yummy.

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