Wednesday, April 30, 2014

2nd half of April round up

Happy happy joy joy.

I had time on my hands and no inclination to do anything. So I watched all of the second series of Great British Sewing Bee. Now I am hooked and have a new pastime to learn all about and improve on.

I bought a sewing table. £15 from The Barn in Peterhead.
I bought some sewing patterns. £20
I bought some seems rippers, some scissors, some pins and a measuring tape. £15

I looked out some fabric from my stash.
I started scouring charity shops for big clothes and bedding. £15
I got my sewing supplies in order.

Then I started making stuff.

1. Pinafore dress from Essential magazine

It fits well, but doesn't suit me. Way too busty for this shape.

2. New Look 6027 view D

Much better. Used an old sheet and a bit from a guys shirt.  I will wear it, but if I make it again I need to work on the bust area as that bodice bit should be more square. Learnt heaps though.

3. New Look 6806 view B

I really like this. This used to be a pj top and now it's a cute work top. My only issue with it is that when I sit down the neck area rises up. May try this simple top again and change the neckline.

4. essential mag skater dress.

Another sheet. Looking good, but the hem had me stumped. So I have sat it aside for the moment. Stumped as in there is lots of it and I was unsure how to get it straight.

5. Prima Mag October 2007 jacket.

Oh wow what can I say I love it. Started a few years ago when I got a lesson from a friend. Sat unloved and unfinished for about 3 years. I wasn't confident enough to add collar, button and hems by myself.
Today I felt confident and sick, but that's another story. Broke it out and finished it. So happy and it probably cost me £3.00 to make.

Next time I'll show you why my sewing area and why I hardly manage to get anything done...we'll part from the working full time thing.

Later :o)


Roobeedoo said...

Go you! That's amazing productivity! LOVE your jacket!

Cazz said...

Thank you. I hope one day to be as good as you.